We are fraternity of students enthusiastic in Astronomy and Technological offshoots from Physics.
We are students from PES's Modern College of Engineering, Pune, from all years (1st year to 4th year) who want to nurture our curiosity of this interesting universe and aspire to develop new technologies for further exploration.
Motivating professors from Dept. of Physics are actively involved in all activities of our club. The club routinely runs following various activities.


  1. To create interest in Astronomy and in general Physics
  2. To study astronomical events Physics point of view
  3. To develop understanding of engineering aspects of current Astronomical techniques
  4. To give students opportunity to have hands on experience on different astronomical projects
  5. To disseminate information of the ongoing Astronomy projects and job opportunities for engineers in the field of Astronomy


  • Basic Astronomy lecture series: 7 lecture sessions designed to disseminate knowledge of Astronomy and related Physics
  • Telescope making Workshop: 5 Lecture sessions of fundamental optics for designing your own telescope followed by 2 sessions of practical and sky observation.
  • Astronomical events observations:Observation/ talk for special events such as eclipse etc.
    Technological Projects : For motivated students, special projects are offered such as building sensor for Telescope, image analysis, photometry etc.
  • Guest Lecture by reputed scientist:Talks by esteemed scientist from International/National institutes. Info on job opportunities in Astronomy field.
  • #Students Drive Lunch Talks: Opportunity for active members to brush up their knowledge and presentation skills.