Seeds of Hope is a social activity group formed by students to spread awareness regarding social responsibilities and different social issues. In this group students used to help, celebrate birthdays, celebrate festivals and donate (cloths, books, stationary, etc) to orphanage and old age home.


  • To Develop leadership skills
  • To Foster good citizenship
  • To develop and improve communication and managerial skills


  • Team Work
  • Social Awareness
  • Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Awareness


  • Mrs. S. A. Chougule
  • Mrs. S. M. Mahajan

Student Coordinator

  • Suraj Kedar
  • Nilesh Raut
  • Shantanu Pawar
  • Hemangi Jadhav
  • Raman Kulkarni
  • Vivek Mahore
  • Vedant Satpute
  • Ankita Patil
  • Alfiya Mokashi
  • Makarand Kale
  • Aditya Jadhav
  • Shubhada Ghanwat
Upcoming Events
Date Activities
14-01-2017 MakarSankranti festival celebration
27-02-2017 Science Day celebration
13-03-2017 Birthday celebration
14-04-2017 Dr.AmbedkarJayanti celebration