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Workshop Labwise Details

Workshop Department

Workshop Department of the institute is systematically developed. The Central Workshop is a common facility which provides fabrication services for projects and prototype fabrication to all the students and have following sections.

Machine Shop

In this method component is manufactured by removal of material using cutting tool on machines like turning lathe, milling machine, shaping machine, grinding machine, etc. This is widely used method in Mechanical engineering Industry. On CNC Lathe operations are computer controlled and various tools comes in to operation as per program stored in computer. Travel of tools is controlled by computer.

Carpentry / Pattern Making Shop

This method is used for making patterns of cast components. Over this pattern sand mould is prepared and molten material is poured to fill the cavities. After cooling, molten metal solidifies and component is ready for further processing.

Welding Shop

Welding has wide scope in assembly of components. There are various methods of joining parts e.g. bolting, riveting, flaring, crimping, etc. Welding is on such joining method which involves melting the edges together with or without addition of filler material. Welding is extensively used in fabrication and is widely used in industry for components which are not required to be disassembled.

Fitting Shop

In today's industry most of the work is done on automatic machines and finished to a fairly good degree of accuracy. However, still they require some operations to be done by hands so as to make them fit properly. There are many components and equipment's which need basic fitting skill to manufacture. (e.g. Surface plate, wooden furniture, machine assembly). Fitting is assembling of parts together by filing, chipping, sawing, scrapping, tapping etc.


This method is largely used for manufacturing components having complex shapes which cannot be made by using other methods like machining, forging etc.


This method is used where grain structure of material is refined so as to achieve increased strength.

Sr.No. List of Equipments Quantity
Machine Shop  
1 C N C Machine 1
2 Cone Pulley Lathe Machines 15
3 All Geared head Stock Lathe Machine 10
4 Milling Machine 1
5 Shaping Machine 1
6 Slotting Machine 1
7 Power Press 1
8 Bench Grinders 2
9 Surface Grinder 1
10 Radial Drilling Machine 1
11 Band Saw Machine 1
12 Various types of Measuring Instruments  
Carpentry / Pattern Making Shop  
1 Plywood Cutting Machine 1
2 Carpentry Vice 30
3 Hand Drill Machine 1
4 Wood Turning Lathe 5
Welding Shop  
1 Welding Transformer 2
2 TIG welding Machine 1
3 Bench Grinder 1
4 Shearing Machine 1
5 Cut-off Machine 2
6 Hand Grinder 3
7 Butt welding Machine 1
Fitting Shop  
1 Bench Vice 60
2 Machine vice 2
3 Surface Plate and Anvil 1 each
4 Power Saw 1
5 Bench Drilling Machine 1
Black Smithy / Forging / Casting  
1 Furnace 2
2 Blower 1
3 Pedestal Grinder 1
4 Leg vice 1
5 Swage Block / Anvil 1 each
6 Tool  
7 Various types of tooling  
Other Equipments  
1 Plastic Molding Machine 1
2 Plumbing vice 8