Remedial Teaching

Remedial teaching is identifying slow learners and giving them the necessary guidance to help them overcome their problems, after identifying their areas of difficulty. This teaching is achieved through,

  • Enhanced Advising:
    College teachers serve as mentors, meeting regularly with group of students to monitor progress. They collaborate and communicate in an "early alert" model to identify students at risk of failure and develop plans for assistance.
  • Supplemental Instruction:
    Structured tutoring is designed for a particular course led by a trained tutor or course instructor.
  • Fast-Track Courses:
    In fast track course before the university exam important concepts from all subjects are revised. And the different queries of student are resolved.
  • Students are formally assessed through diverse assessment strategies to ensure whether they have reached the education goals. A system of continuous evaluation through examinations and performance assessment, paper presentations, quizzes, etc. is followed.
  • Based on the evaluation of student's performance periodic counseling programs are followed and suggest remedial classes for their improvement.
  • Teachers continuously work on identifying promising strategies to help low-level learners succeed.

Training and placement cell of the college offers a training program for B.E students which is based on following topics

  • Public speaking
  • Aptitude Training
  • Interview
  • Group discussion