"Vidyarathini Vyaktimatva Vikas Yojana" under (Vidhyarthi Kalyan Mandal)
Date & Day: Thursday 22/02/2018

Venue: E&TC Seminar Hall
Session conducted by: Mrs. Dr.Parnita Darade. Consultant Gynecologist, Gupte Hospital Pune
Objective: To create awareness and offer guidance to Girls in their health.
Summary of the Activity/Event:
Lecture on topic "Well Girls Session" (Female Health Awareness) for Girls, under VKM was conducted. The main motive was to give tips related to female Health awareness. She covered general health awareness of women, Nutrition's requirements, puberty-common problem in girls, addiction's and its implications, Diet and exercise. Girls from all streams had participated in the program and were benefitted by the lecture a lot.
Outcomes: Developed self-confidence and created health awareness.
Special Guidance Program for First year Engineering Students
Date & Day: 25th oct2017 to 19th Jan 2018

Venue: First Year Classroom
Session conducted by: Dr.V.U. Edlabadkar (Associate Prof.) and Mrs. Mrs.Prajakta Jamdade (Assist. Prof.) PES's MCOE Pune
Objective: To guide students for updating their latest knowledge of the course, they undertake at the first year level.
Summary of the Activity/Event:
From 25th oct 2017 to 20th Jan 2018, Dr V U Edlabadkar, Associate Professor, Mathematics Dept & Mrs. Prajakta Jamdade, Assistant Professor, Mathematics Dept ,PES'S Modern College of Engineering, gave valuable information on Topic: Applications of Mathematics in Engineering Field. The main motive was to guide the First Year Engineering Students for improving their knowledge related to fundamentals of Mathematics and its applications in Engineering Field. Students of all streams had participated in the program and were benefitted by the valuable information given by the Faculty member a lot.
Outcomes: Offered guidance to the students in their relevant subjects to be pursued by them to attain their best potential.
Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Kamava Ani shika Yogana (Earn and learn scheme)
Date & Day: 25th July 2017 to 28th Feb 2018

Venue: library, Department ,Accounts and Student section
Session conducted by: Mrs.Shilpa D.Joshi/ Mrs.Smita Karve
Objective: To develop a student as a multifaceted personality with academic and commitment to society.
Summary of the Activity/Event:
Summary of the Activity/Event: Karma veer Bhaurao Patil Kamava Ani shika Yogana (Earn and learn scheme) was organized in PES's Modern college of Engineering Pune for Academic year 2017-18.Students parents having income less than 5 lakh enrolled their name for the scheme. The Scheme was started from month of July 2017 by conducting interview by the committee member formed in the college.Students from different department enroll their names. 35 students were selected and allocate work in library, Department and student section apart from their academic hours. Students were financially benefited or also appreciate Savitribai Phule University of Pune and College for implementing scheme through their feedback and made the scheme successful.
Outcomes: Keeping our youth gainfully employed as well as to contribute from civil society by making higher education accessible and available to the poor, meritorious and the marginalized.