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Industry Visit

13th October 2023

Description :

  • To make students to known about how the Data Science is used in Seasonal Prediction system, Short Range Ensemble Forecast, Climate Data Portal, ENVIS Data Center, Air Quality Early Warning System lecture was conducted at IITM (Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology) Pashan, Pune . After the Lecture students visited their lab, In Lab students got the opportunity to see the Super Computer “Pratyush”.

Workshop on "Entrepreneurship -A Journey from startup to multinational Giant”

20th to 22nd Feb 2023

Description :

  • To make students think innovatively about cyber-security by observing forensics labs operations equipment and technologies used in enhancing cyber security, the students visited SANA Cyber forensics, Pune.

Workshop on Python

28th, 29th and 30th December, 2022

Description :

  • To give the students hands-on experience on Python, a workshop was conducted at AI&DS department by AI Advantures, Pune


24th August 2022

Description :

  • To Make the Students to think innovatively and come up with an innovative start up ideas to become an Entrepreneur

Project Competition and Poster Making Competition

11th May 2022

Description :

  • Project Competition activity is performed to improve the Presentation skill of students.

Presentation on “Any Innovative Technical Idea”


Description :

  • Student activity was conducted on 21/10/2021. The activity planned was presentation on any “Innovative technical Idea” to bring out the creativity among students and improve their communication skills.

Webinar on "Gender Equality"

Description :

  • The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science held an online session on gender equality. The guest speaker of the session was Dr. Srishti Umekar (Director - L.V Consultants & Services (Training & Grooming Entity), Director - Sharan Welfare Foundation (Working for marginalised urban females by providing them skill based training and by creating SHGs & JLGs, for financing their units.)). Students were made aware about gender equality and the problems faced by people at workplace due to gender inequality by guest speaker Mrs.Shristi Umekar. She explained not only the negative impact of gender inequality on women but also the problems faced by men. She also explained the importance of gender equality in the workplace. The session was successfully conducted under the leadership of our respected HOD mam Dr. Mrs.S. V. Pandit and faculty members Mrs. Radika Adki and Ms.Amruta Aphale.
Dr.Shrishti Umekar delivering the session on Gender Equality.

Webinar on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning”

Description :

  • The webinar on "Introduction to AI and ML" was hosted by guest speaker Mr.Shoubhik Das (co-founder of Manastik) in the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science on 1 February 2022. The guest started his talk with a briefing on the importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in today's world. He also shared his knowledge on the use of machine learning and how machine learning has evolved over the years and explained the basic processes of machine learning with examples. He also explained that machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI), which gives systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without having to be explicitly programmed, and focuses on developing computer programmes that can access and use data to learn for themselves.
Mr.Soubhik Das delivering the session on Machine Learning.
Presentation by Mr. Soubhik Das.

Seminar on “Soft skills development”

Description :

  • A webinar was conducted in Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science under the leadership of our HOD ma’am Dr.Mrs. S. V. Pandit. The guest Speaker for the webinar was Mrs.ShalakaPalkar. It was conducted with a purpose of developing the soft skills of students. Students were giventraining on important topics like general Telephonic ethics, email ethics, Personality development
Soft Skills webinar by Mrs. Shalaka Palkar

Debate competiton

Description :

  • A debate competition was held in the AIDS department during student activity session. The competition was conducted with the intention of improving the confidence and communication skills of the students. The students participated with enthusiasm. The activity was successfully conducted and exciting prizes were awarded to the winners of the competition.
Students during debate activity

Neuron 1.0 (Poster Competition)

Description :

  • Neuron 1.0 - a poster competition specially conducted by the Club of Data Engineers to motivate the students of AIDS to design innovative posters representing their projects and technical ideas. Both first year and second year students enthusiastically participated in the competition. The competition proved to be useful to develop poster making skills in the students and discover new tools for making professional posters. Winners of the poster competition were: Madhura Mirajkar and group.The competition was judged by our esteemed judges Prof. Mrs. V. G. Dixit madam and Prof. Dr. Girish Modak Sir. The event was successfully conducted under the guidance of our respected HOD madam Dr. Mrs. Shraddha V. Pandit and other faculty members of the department and the winners were felicitated at the end of the competition.
Judges interacting with students during ‘Neuron 1.0’

Spandan 2022

Description :

  • The departmental annual gathering ‘Spandan’ began with the Ganesh Vandana followed by the introduction by the Spandan team. Thereafter, our esteemed Principal ma'am Prof. Dr. Mrs. K.R. Joshi delivered a speech which was followed by the address by our Respected HOD Ma'am Dr. Mrs. Shraddha V. Pandit. The address was followed by the prize distribution ceremony. The prizes were distributed to the students who had excelled in school or extracurricular activities during the current academic year and they shared their experiences with the students. After the prize distribution ceremony, the students performed singing, dancing etc.
Anchoring by Yashodhan Deshmukh and Aditi Jagtap