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Student Clubs

Club Dayitwa

Club Dayitwa
“Giving is the master key to happiness”


Name of the Coordinator:

  • Mrs. Pallavi Shintre


  • To create environmental awareness and to inculcate the habit of nurturing the ecological system among the students and to generate a movement towards a deeper commitment to environmental protection by planting trees and taking care of the existing ones.
  • To encourage the practice for the protection of environment and preservation of the natural eco-systems.
  • To contribute towards a noble cause of maintaining social hygiene and societal awareness by means of Spit Free India movement.
  • To make the students realize their role an initiator for the betterment of society


  • The goal of the club is to bring about a sense of belongingness and responsibility toward the society. It is to make the students aware about the problems being faced by the society because of ignorance, lack of awareness about safety and hygiene, high handedness of people about various issues related to social parlance. This is also contributing toward the movement initiated by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi called “Swatchha Bharat Abhiyan”.

The context

  • By imbibing the social awareness thoughts and by nurturing this quality of the students they will be made more responsible citizens who in turn will be more responsive to the societal issues. This also gives a platform for the students to network with people from higher strata of the society which influences the behaviour of the students and may change their outlook.

The practice

  • The students participated in Spit Free India campaign. They undertook a street play and wall painting at Pune Railway station. They also undertook tree plantation at different locations. The students went to teach the labourers’ children crèche at Hotel JW Marriott and also actively participated in Organ Donation Awareness Program, and visited MAHER – An Orphanage home.

Evidence of Success

  • In the academic year 2019-20 and 2020-21 MBA students participated in Organ Donation Awareness Program conducted by “I Gift Life.”



Wednesday, 28th January 2020

Resource Person

  • Mr. Tejpal Singh Batra, Founder - I gift Life


  • To create awareness towards need for Organ donation


  • Students are sensitized to organ donation importance

Summary report

  • The activity was arranged by Club दायित्व in collaboration with NGO "I Giftlife". The session helped to create awareness about the importance of organ donation. Mr. Batra explained how organ donation works and what different types of organs we can donate are. He also tried to clear the myths in the society about organ donation which are stopping people from donating the organ. Students actively participated in the activity.
“Creativity for Sustainability”
Day & Date :Wednesday, 18th September 2019
Resource Person : Ms. Supriya Lakhadgaonkar and Ms. Pallavi Shintre

Objectives :
  • To sensitize students towards plastic usage of One Use Plastic Items
  • To apply creativity by learning to make paper bags from newspaper
  • To create awareness towards environmental issues caused by usage of plastic by the medium of poster presentation
Outcomes :
Students got hands on experience for making paper bags from newspaper also they pledged to work as initiator for the betterment of society. Students Creativity, Communication and Presentation skills were showcased through the poster making competition.
Summary report:
The activity was arranged under Club दायित्व to make students aware about environmental harm due to usage of One Use Plastic Items. The poster presentation reflected a deeper commitment to environmental protection by stopping unnecessary use of plastic in the society. Students actively participated in the paper bag making workshop. By the way of poster making competition the students realized various forms of pollution like water, land and water caused by plastic. There were 5 groups for poster presentation competition wherein students also understood their role as initiator for the betterment of society.
Sentinels of the Nation : We honor the bond, Celebrating Rakshabandhan
Day & Date : Saturday, 25th August 2018
Resource Person :
  • Mr. Bhargav (Retd. Army officer) - Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center, Park Road, Khadki, Pune
  • Mr. Gote (PSI), Mr. Sonawane and Mr. Bhosale (Traffic Police Inspector) - At Deccan Traffic Division, Shivajinagar, Pune

Objectives :
  • To show respect and gratitude towards Army Officers and Police Staff.
  • To create a sense of national pride and responsibility amongst students.
Outcomes :
Students were able to understand the hard work, efforts and dedication towards their duties even in difficult condition and situations.
Summary report:
The name of the festival, Raksha Bandhan is made up of two words, Raksha (Protection) and Bandhan (Relation). Indian Armed forces and Police force are continuously striving to protect the fellow countrymen from Internal and external threats. In order to honor their service and valuable contribution, MBA department students visited Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center and Shivaji Nagar Police Station, Traffic Department. The students tied Rakhi to symbolize the respect for the people who protect our nation.
At Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center: A team of twenty two students accompanied by faculties visited PRC Khadki. To make this a moment to cherish, students showed their gratitude by singing songs. They interacted personally with these soldiers and tried to learn from their experiences and words of wisdom.
At Deccan Traffic Division: A team of ten students accompanied by faculties visited Deccan Traffic Division, Shivaji Nagar Pune. There to, the initiative was appreciated by the Incharge and his entire team. During the interaction, they discussed the importance of following traffic rules and wearing a helmet. They also appealed the students to initiate traffic awareness programs in nearby college locality.
Share your moments – Visit to Orphanage
Day & Date : 25/1/2018
Resource Person : NA
Objectives :
  • To make the students understand the role of NGOs for the upliftment of the society.
  • To build awareness of an individual’s responsibility to the underprivileged.
Outcomes :
Maher is a day care centre, kindergarten and orphanage for the needy. It has two homes – Dayasagar for girls and Gyansagar for boys. The unit at Wagholi is being managed by a couple. Students discussed with the manager regarding the cases of the children there. They spent some time with children at the orphanage. The MBA department staff contributed and donated some food items and stationery for the children.
Summary :
The idea of conducting an essay contest was to educate the students on the topic “Demonetization and common man”. This competition emphasized on Knowledge and conceptualization of the given topic thoroughly in English.
Day & Date : Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018 - Part I and Friday, 26th January, 2018 - Part II
Resource Person : NA
Objectives :
To show gratitude and love towards our hardworking soldiers by little messages and poems, which will motivate them.
Outcomes :
Through this event the students got an opportunity to express their feelings and gratitude towards the soldiers who are protecting our life and country by seven core values, namely loyalty, duty, respect, personal courage, selfless service, integrity and honor.
Summary :
The first event of Rotaract Club of Pune Kothrud Modern Managers was carried out on 23rd January 2018 , Thursday titled “Sandesh 2.0 “ in association with Rotaract Club of Dombivali Central to honor the glory and power of our free homeland.
Students placed a banner in public places and other areas where people gather in large numbers such as college, road signals, and asked people to write motivational messages through poems, quotations, slogans to express their feelings for our beloved soldiers.
Some messages written by faculties and other peoples are as below.
  • Unity which can be learned from our soldiers, Thank you soldiers for serving our country for so many years. We are proud of you!
  • भारतीय नागरीकाचा घास आडतो रोज ओठी सैनिकहो तुमच्यासाठी! After collecting the messages this banner was submitted to the army Paraplegic Centre at Khadki on 26th January 2018.
GUEST LECTURE ON “Role Of The Modern Youth In Nation Building” By “Value Building”
Day & Date : 26th August 2017, Saturday
Resource Person : Mr. Vishwas R. Lapalkar
Objectives :
To inculcate awareness amongst students regarding importance of values for nation building.
Outcomes :
The purpose of the lecture was to expose students to the importance of values such as honesty and selflessness in one's character for having peace of mind. Students understood the role of values, and the need to inculcate values for nation building.

Summary report :
A guest lecture was organized for MBA students on “Role of the Modern Youth in Nation Building” by “Value Building”. Mr. Vishwas R. Lapalkar, Life member and Maharashtra and Goa State coordinator of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanya Kumari, spoke on the occasion. Some of the highlights of the lecture are-
  • Youth is one who does not beg, does not crib or worry but the one who works with enthusiasm, zeal and devotion.
  • The 5-4-3-2-1(5 digit salary, 4 wheeler, 3BHK house, 2 children and 1 spouse) dream can be successfully achieved but life will not be meaningful and fulfilled.
  • Four Stages of ascent of Man from a selfish being to one who lives and cares for every living being on earth.
  • The Five Yajnas for self development performed to give us energy, acknowledge our forefathers, well being of all things including our society and to respect our rich heritage and science.
  • Serving both our mother and motherland India!
Eye Check up
Day & Date : 08/04/2017
Resource Person : Titan Eye Plus

Objectives :
Testing vision and educating about care of eyes.
Outcomes :
Students understood the importance of personal care to be taken for eyes are one of the most important organs.
Summary report :
The students were briefed on importance of care to be taken for eyes, especially during weather change and those with allergies. They were also tested for the vision acuity and accordingly advised.
Creative Expression - MBA Students Wall Painting Activity In Canteen Area
Day & Date : -
Resource Person : Dr. Shubhangi Vanarse & Prof. Pallavi Shintre

Objectives :
Creation of wall painting to exhibit NAAC core values.
Outcomes :
Core values of NAAC were depicted in pictorial form through following themes :
1)Inculcating a Value System in Students through the concept of Swachha Bharat – clean mind, clean thoughts and clean deeds 2)Fostering Global Competencies among students by multiple modes of enlightening human mind 3)Contributing to National Development and Promoting the Use of Technology through digitization in India 4)Quest for Excellence through Environmental eco-friendliness
Summary report :
The students and staff members conceptualized and executed the project with great enthusiasm. It lent vibrancy and a lot of color the popular canteen area. The exhibits were appreciated not only by the Principal but also by the NAAC Peer team member. They praised the idea of “Adopt a Tree”