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Student Clubs

Cypher Club

Awareness on cybercrime and security
Date : Saturday 23/02/2019
Resource Person – Mr. Sagar Panmand,API Cyber Cell,Pune

Objectives :
  1. To aware students about cyber regulations
  2. To understand what are new issues in this cyber world
  1. Well aware with cyber issues.
  2. Well aware with precautions to be taken.
  3. Familiar with cyber laws.
Summary Report: Mr. Sagar Panmand spoke about various cyber issues in this ICT driven world. This session was arranged for FY & SY MCA students, to get acquainted with various cybercrimes which are taking place current and precautionary measures to be taken. 49 students are attended from SYMCA and total 129 students are attended this session.
Guest Lecture on Information Security in Computer Networks
Date : Saturday, 10th March 2018
Resource Person – Mr. Swapnil Zalki KPIT Cummins - Associate Consultant , Information Security Management

Objectives :
  1. To elaborate concepts of Information Security.
  2. To make student familiar with various concepts of information security
  3. To get acquainted with current openings in network security.
Outcome: Students got idea about how the information has been sent via secure channel in day-to-day operations. The session also helped to enhance the knowledge about issue in networking with respect to information and precaution to be taken.
Summary Report: Mr. Swapnil is an experienced person in information security management in networking. The topic he covered was about Information Security, types of attack, Cryptographic algorithms, different protocols and Secure Socket Layer.
Guest Lecture on Cyber Security
Date : Saturday, 1st September 2018
Resource Person – Mr. Sandip Nawal Principal Consultant, Information Security Management. KPIT (Technologies) , Pune

Objectives :
  1. To create awareness about Cyber Security
  2. To introduce to new terms and trends in cyber crimes
  3. To understand laws related to cyber-crimes and precautions to be taken.
Outcome: Student come to know about different types of crimes in cyber world. Student also understood what are penalties associated with these crimes.
Summary Report: This session was arranged for all SY & TY MCA students, to get acquainted with various cyber-crimes which are taking place current and precautionary measures to be taken. Mr. Nawal started his lecture with various types of cyber-crime viz. Phishing, Banking or Financial or Card fraud (Skimming, Online transaction fraud) , Morphing, ID theft ,Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terrorism etc. by giving various examples. Also he explained regarding its safeguard. Further he shared career options with this field like Cyber Forensics Analyst, Security Operations Analyst , Security Engineer, Security Architect, Network Security Architect and ethical hacker with its types too.
Cypher Club

Cypher club is established in the academic year 2016-17. In today’s cyber world, it is important for every person to comprehend data, information, computer and network security as it has grown to be a necessary aspects of our daily lives.


  • To spread knowledge and awareness about cyber security concepts , ethics and regulation.
  • To explore robust cryptographic techniques.
  • To increase professional skills of security policies such as authentication, integrity and confidentiality.

Staff Coordinator :-

Prof. Shripad Bhide

Student Co-ordinator :-

Mr. Ajinkya Abhyankar - II Year