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Foxcodes Campus Club

Title of activity : The IoT hackathon 2019.
Date & Day: Phase I: Workshop: 9th, January 2019, 9 A.M
Phase II: Competition: 12th January 2019, 10 A.M

A workshop on IOT Hackathon conducted by Mr. Lokesh Chandak& Mr. Mayuresh Shende from Electronic Wings on 9th Jan 2019

Inauguration of IoT Hackathon competition by Head of the Department Dr. Mrs. Kamathe madam and all faculty members. On 12 th January 2019.

IOT hackathon 2019 Team
  • Venue: Seminar Hall (401)
  • Digital lab and Communication lab
Session conducted by: Mr. Lokesh Chandak & Mr. Mayuresh Shende from Electronic Wings on 9th Jan 2019.
Objectives: 1. To create awareness about IoT
2. To test the programming understanding of students.
3. To encourage students towards upcoming technologies.
No. of students attended: 81
Summary of the Activity/Event: The IoT hackathon 2019 was a technical event arranged under MPulse on behalf of Xtronica by E&TC department of Modern College of Engineering, Pune. The event unlike any hackathon was not just to focus on students’ knowledge but in a teaching learning process through a workshop and a hackathon. The event was of Two-day major event consisting of a One-day workshop and brainstorming followed by the hackathon.

The workshop was conducted by experienced industry persons’ Mr. Lokesh Chandak& Mr. Mayuresh Shende from Electronic Wings on 9th Jan 2019. The venue for workshop was decided as seminar hall. Event Head Mayuresh Kulkarni did anchoring for the event.
Students get familiar with upcoming technologies and the improvement in their knowledge.
The competition improves the project building skills and use of technologies to solve day to day life problems with simple innovations
Title of activity: Cyber Security Seminar
Date & Day
: Friday, 16th February, 2018.

E&TC Seminar Hall
Session conducted by:
Ashvin Phadake, Ambassador of Mozilla Club, Pune Rishita Bansal, Member of Mozilla Club, Pune.
To investigate various techniques of cyber crime
To teach various types of cyber crime
To introduce the concept of virtual reality
Summary of the Activity/Event:
Students from second year had attended the seminar. Ashvin Phadake, Ambassador of Mozilla Club, Pune and the final year student of E & TC had delivered a session on cybercrime while a session on virtual reality was conducted by Rishita Bansal, Member of Mozilla Club, Pune. This seminar was conducted on 16th February, 2018.
Total Participants:
In this seminar, speaker informed student’s types of cybercrime. Also it introduced techniques to identify cybercrime.
Students understand concept of virtual reality.
Title of activity: IoT Hackathon
Date & Day:
PHASE 1 12th February 2018
PHASE 2: 17th February 2018

E&TC Seminar Hall
Session conducted by:
Mr. Qaidjohar Jawadwala, QJ Technologies
The IoT hackathon aims at giving a hand on knowledge about Internet of Things. It will provide participants good practical knowledge of IoT
Summary of the Activity/Event:
IOT Hackathon is an event that features a competition wherein participants are expected to understand, analyze, frame and build solutions to problem statements with the use of IOT being the most important aspect in Phase 1 Seminar a seminar was conducted on 12th February 2018 by Mr. Jawadwala which gave the students certain necessary insights into the field of IoT as preliminaries required for the competition.
Modules Involved:
Basics of ARM Microcontroller.
Trends in IoT.
Embedded Systems in IoT.
Components of embedded Systems in IoT.
NodeMCU and ESP8266 interfacing
Web of Things.
Mr. Jawadwala guided the students through a hands on session on the modules and explained the fundamentals of IOT with,
Flashing of Wi-Fi firmware
Collecting Sensor Data
Connecting the sensor to the cloud.
Transmitting and Receiving the Data.
Phase II:
Phase 2 was inaugurated by Mr. Kulkarni of Phi Audiocom systems and Mr. Srinivas Kamathe on 17th of February 2018 in Digital Electronics lab of E&TC Department. It involved a competition wherein students had been given 3 problem statements of progressively increasing difficulty and a time slot of 45 minutes to execute each of the problem statements.
Out of the 14 participant groups, 8 were eligible for the competition of which 3 competed in the final round.
Outcome: Students get knowledge of Internet of Things
The competition improves the technical skills to solve day to day life problems
Title of activity: Internet of Things
Date & Day
: Tuesday, 17th January 2017.

E&TC Seminar Hall
Session conducted by:
Qaidjohar Jawadwala, QJ Technologies
To introduce about IOT
To learn devices used in IOT
Summary of the Activity/Event:
Department of Electronics and Telecommunication arranged training on Internet of Things for students of E & TC Department. The vast network of devices connected to the Internet, including smart phones and tablets and almost anything with a sensor on it – cars, machines in production plants, jet engines, oil drills, wearable devices, and more. These “things” collect and exchange data. Typically, IoT is expected to offer advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and covers a variety of protocols, domains, and applications. The interconnection of these embedded devices (including smart objects), is expected to usher in automation in nearly all fields, while also enabling advanced applications like a smart grid, and expanding to areas such as smart cities. Internet of Things can change the way citizens live, travel, and take care of each other. These developments are being supported by large corporations as well as startups. Arduino and raspberry pi has been part of the conversation since early on.
Total Participants: 160
Student Understand concept of IOT
Student understand open source platforms required to build IOT
Students use open source platforms like arduino and raspberry pi.
Students get knowledge of arduino and raspberry pi in the field of IOT
Title of activity :
Mozilla mission and web analytics
Date & Day :
Saturday, 1st October 2016

E&TC Seminar Hall
Session conducted by:
Mr. Ashwin Phadake
To introduce Mozilla’s mission and basic web technologies
Summary of the Activity/Event:
The session started with introducing the student members and the executive team to the goals and mission objectives of the club. For people to participate in activity it is of paramount importance that the team is well aware of the work they are about to do investing their time.
The session continued with privacy while surfing online. The data analytics and manipulation by online search engines is in huge amounts also targeting a citizen with particular framework around which his data can be read and stored for an amount of time and given to authorities without permission. The session aimed at protecting oneself from being tracked and spoofed online. Further on members of the club were introduced to the web server technology and its working. Students also were given to create meme’s as an activity in between the seminar to increase their interest and morale. The password tracking and data retention part included about the creation of strong password, encryption and big data.
Topics Covered:
Introduction to the club and its mission.
Privacy online and cyber security.
Web based servers.
Meme around
Passwords, tracking and data retention.

Student Participated: 21
Outcome: The student’s participated in this activity were well versed what being a netizen means.

Students also were given knowledge about how the internet works, internet methodologies, host and server data exchange leading to privacy issues and cyber tracking. Thefts of information happening online. Participants understood the importance of copyrighting content and web analytics for data retention.
Foxcodes Campus Club

Mozilla's mission is to ensure the internet and its technologies are a global public source. So people around the world will effectively use internet and its technologies. In Mozilla Campus Club, group of college students meet regularly to advance Mozilla’s mission by leading and participating in activities that TEACH, BUILD and PROTECT this technological advancements in an inclusive and engaging environment.

To achieve Mozilla’s mission, Foxcodes Campus Club is established in college. Promote and grow digital literacy is main objective for establishing this club. In this club, students meet to achieve mission of club.


  • To aware digital literacy to the student.
  • To make Internet is a as a resource and it is open and accessible to all.
  • To take activities that will promote effective use web


  • Students will get aware of effective use of internet.
  • Students will get knowledge of various new technologies by participating in various activities.

Activities at Glance

Following are the activities completed till date:

2018-19 (till date) 09/01/2019 12/01/2019 IoT Hackathon 79
2017-18 (till date) 16/02/2018 Cyber Security Seminar 120
12/02/2018 & 17/02/2018 IoT Hackathon 14 Groups
2016-17 17/01/2017 Internet of Things 160
01/10/2016 Mozilla mission and web analytics 21