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About ISR

Social responsibility is one of our strategic priorities, because we believe that our role as engineering institute involves something more than simply the imparting of knowledge and skills to our students and, as active agents of social change. We aim to address and find solutions to social problems. This responsibility implies taking on the role of leader in the creation of a culture of social responsibility in society through our own example and action. Hence we are committed towards the responsibilities and objectives of a socially responsible academic institution.

Our mission is to envision a community of responsible and educated citizens who are environmentally conscious, practice social responsibility in their daily lives and inspire others to do the same.

Our motto is to create socially responsible students, carrying out rigorous research to create relevant knowledge in the field of institutional social responsibility (ISR), to promote social debate on social issues and to develop social action aimed at improving the lives of people in need. Under the Institution Social Responsibility program we are working in the areas like Society beneficial research and activities, community outreach programs, Environmental consciousness health awareness drive, Technical Project Exhibitions and etc.


PES Modern COE, Pune is committed to social responsibility, a concept that includes the dimensions of social responsibility whose strategic focus is made up of social and environmental responsibility, ethics and sustainability. We believe that these three dimensions should be incorporated and integrated, in an interdisciplinary manner, aligned with our mission, identity and daily activities. Faculty and students are encouraged to participate in collaboration with other organizations in carrying out social outreach programs.

Objectives of ISR:

  • To be a globally recognized academic institution, which inspires and build a better social environment.
  • To prepare individuals for developing innovative, socially responsible leadership.
  • To Develop an institutional social action programme to link and involved different groups in our community and offer different means of collaboration.
  • To raise awareness and promote the adoption of habits and behavior by students, faculty, administrative and services staff, in line with a more sustainable vision of the organization.


Actions speak louder than words. You can pray and preach all you want about how you're going to change the world through your charitable acts, but it still doesn't make a difference in the end when you don't put your words into action.

ISR Theme for the Year 2016-17

The first challenge for society is to solve the problem of access to sanitation and define what “sanitation" really means. The "sanitation" which covers inter alia: safe collection, storage, treatment and disposal waste.

Our institute majorly believe and focused on “REUSE –RECYCLE-REDUCE” policy to handle E-waste and plastic.

ISR Committee

The Social Responsibility committee provides the broadest forum available, for members and students to discuss common issues of social responsibility. It identifies issues which have an impact on society and the environment. Committee discusses and develops best practices and plan of action in response to specific issues beneficial to society. ISR Unit consists of volunteers guided by one or two departmental ISR members who are faculty. The ISR Member is expected to motivate the student youth to understand the values and philosophy of ISR. The overall functions of committee members are to help the students to plan, implement and evaluate the activities of ISR under his/her charge and give proper guidance and directions to the student volunteers.

Following is the committee is constituted at the institute level for Institutional Social Responsibilities(ISR) and its tenure is from 1st of June 2016 to 31st May 2017

Sr.No. Name of the member Department Position Contact Number Email ID
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Kalyani R. Joshi Office Chairman 901 107 0917 principal@moderncoe.edu.in
2 Mr. Kaustubh .R Kapadani Mechanical Member Secretary 777 606 2749 kaustubh.kapadni@moderncoe.edu.in
3 Miss BhagyshriBaviskar E &TC Member 952 718 0082 bhagyashree.baviskar@moderncoe.edu.in
4 Mrs.MugadhaKango E &TC Member 989 049 7536 mugdhakango@gmail.com
5 Mr. AshishDharme Mechanical Member 814 996 9471 ashishdharme@gmail.com
6 Mr. Dhananjay Joshi Electrical Member 962 344 5226 dhananjaykjoshi@gmail.com
7 Dr.Mrs. ShubhangiVanarse MBA Member 827 527 2546 shubhangi.vanarse@moderncoe.edu.in
8 Mrs. LaxmiSisode Computer Member 965 770 8072 laxmi.sidode@moderncoe.edu.in
9 Mrs. MilanaMalvadkar Computer Member 953 872 1458 milana.malvadkar@gmail.com
10 Mrs. Rama Bansode MCA Member 992 132 5936 rama.bansode@yahoo.com
11 Mr. Deepak Tamhane IT Member 950 378 1038 deepak.tamhane@gmail.com
12 Mr. AjinkyaKeskar Mechanical Student Representative 9970755500 ajinkya.keskar94@gmail.com
13 Mr. MakarandDeshmukh Mechanical Student Representative 888 804 6346 mak.desh12@rediffmail.com
14 Ms.NikitaGhadge MBA Student Representative 888 807 7659 Nikita.ghadge@gmail.com

ISR student representative and Student members

ISR Membership is not a formal entity, it is a responsibility. There is no formal membership procedure of ISR. The person with interest of contributing for a social cause can participate in departmental ISR activities.

ISR Member Seceretry, Message

ISR provides diversified opportunities to students in college to develop their personality through society beneficial services. Community services rendered by college level students have covered several aspects like sanitation awareness events, mass tree plantation, technology transfer programmes, implementing engineering technologies for rural development, various technical training programmes for self-help groups and rural youth etc.

The experienced and dynamic leadership provided by the ISR student representatives, ISR faculty members, respected Principal and the tremendous cooperation and support rendered by the managements have made it possible. We are proud that the ISR activities in our college followed by engineering approach are really beneficial to society to make their life prosperous and joyful.

I wish that ISR faculty members and student representatives take the theme of ISR into their heart and work with zeal and motivate the students to effectively participate in the ISR activities. Like last year, the year 2016-17 shall be another year with vibrant ISR activities.