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Student Clubs

Metamorph Club

A workshop on “Meditation with Mandala Art” - Connecting Dots
Day & Date : Wednesday,13th January 2021
Online Training on exploring CMIE database
Day & Date : Wednesday,28th October 2020
“Webinar on : Managing Self in Changing Times ”
Day & Date :Tuesday, 05th May 2020
Resource Person : Dr. Aruna Kulkarni,
Objectives :
  • Demonstrate positive attitude in changing scenarios
  • Understand the concept of circle of influence and circle of concern
Outcomes :
Students understood
  • ways to address their anxiety and overcome them
  • How focusing on the circle of influence can result in reduced stress levels.
Summary Report :
The session addressed some important points –
  • Importance of positive attitude and its relation to opportunities in life.
  • Concepts – circle of concern and circle of influence
  • How to demonstrate positive attitude in life to overcome adverse situations
“Celebrating Women Entrepreneur”
Day & Date :Monday, 9th March 2020
Resource Person : Mrs. Arpeeta Sonak, Founder of AAROHAN Women for Women Ms. Neha Manjrekar - AAROHAN Women for Women
Objectives :
  • To create better understanding among students about equal participation of both Male and Female across the globe.
  • To encourage women entrepreneurship
Outcomes :
  • Session created awareness about social inclusiveness amongst student.
  • Student came to know the social entrepreneurial aspect while working with NGO
Summary Report :
Session was arranged to celebrate women’s day along with NGO AArohan Women For Women. Mrs. Arpeeta Sonak guided students about the different items how they create with tribals. She also discuss the problems faced during working with Tribal people. During her session she emphasized that there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneur, but each opportunity comes up with certain threats so work as Worship to achieve the set goal. Being social entrepreneur one must be always positive and encourage employee to give the best.
“Transforming Neophyte to Proficient…””
Day & Date : Wednesday, 28th January 2020
Name of the Coordinator: Mrs.Pallavi Shintre
Objectives :
  • To enhance the employability factor of the students by providing them inputs related to developing their competencies
  • To nurture collaborative and networking skills in students
Goal :
  • The goal of the club is to bring about a complete metamorphosis of the students after taking the admission for MBA course. It is to prepare the students in communication skills, soft skills and presentation skills by providing training and special guidance, so that the students’ employability is enhanced, they can compete well in the job market and become industry ready to face the new challenges being encountered in their professional careers and take right decisions in life. Another objective of this club is empowering the students to cope with emotions and stress.
The context :
  • The present job market demands candidates who are proficient in communication and soft skills while being able to blend well with a global workforce. Today’s graduates lack proper training and confidence. Hence there is a need to bridge this gap. There is also a need to inspire and motivate these students for excellence in every sphere of life.
The practice :
  • MBA department has taken initiative to enhance skill and competencies by arranging sessions for communication skills, written skills technical skills
Evidence of Success:
  • In the academic year 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21 students of MBA department consecutively completed their experiential learning and sponsored project in companies such as Vijaya Bank, Big Bazar, Bajaj Finserv, Tata Ion, Kirloskar. Companies appreciated the students’ skills and offered them internships. Various certification courses completed by the students.
“Workshop on “Moving from Busyness to Business Administration”
Day & Date :Thursday, 10th October 2019
Resource Person : Mr. Ravi Baviskar, Founder of Dnyan-Ni-Daan
Objectives :
  • To give the overview of various functions of management
  • To make students ready for the course of Business Administration
Outcomes :
Session was ice breaker for the students. Time management, creativity, life skills like confidence building, presentation skills, group dynamics were the few learnings from the workshop.
Summary Report :
The session on “Moving from Busyness to Business Administration” was delivered by Mr. Ravi Baviskar. In the session Mr. Baviskar firstly explained the concept of Administration, Busyness, Business and Management. The chart making group activity was conducted to get the real life exposure about these concepts in detailed. Students prepared four different charts depicting management terminologies and presented the same
Day & Date :Wednesday, 18th September 2019
Resource Person : Mr. P. Srinivasan, Founder and CEO of Arkynex
Objectives :
  • To encourage students to get clarity on their career path.
  • To inspire and instigate the students to improve industry required skillset.
Outcomes :
The session is helpful for students to get the direction for choosing the right specializations and the career opportunities in MBA. The students got the idea of the current corporate world and the skills required to get hired in the organizations.
Summary Report :
“PRISM OF POSSIBILITIES – How a Management Education can Transform You” session was conducted by Mr. P Srinivasan. Mr. P. Srinivasan had explained the various opportunities in the corporate world to MBA students. He had given overview of advertisements along with certain examples. He had also explained the learnings through common mistakes in the organizations. Mr. P. Srinivasan had explained the current corporate world and elaborated the skillset and competencies expectation of corporate world from a new employee. The session ended with question answer round.
“Capture The Moment” : Photography Contest and Exhibition to commemorate World Photography Day
Day & Date :8th September 2018, Saturday
Resource Person : Ms Surabhi Jejurikar
Objectives :
  • To help students identify visually aesthetic images
  • To create an idea about use of visual imagery in advertising
  • To showcase the photographs for identifying effective visual communication
Outcomes :
  • The students submitted visually aesthetic images and understood the importance of visual imagery in advertising.
  • They learnt how to display images for effective visual communication
  • Management traits such as Patience, Perseverance, Preparedness, Perspective, Perception, Passion and Perfection were demonstrated through the event
Summary Report :
To commemorate World Photography Day which is celebrated on 19th August, The Metamorph Club of MBA department held a Photography Contest – “Capture the Moment”. The theme for the contest was ‘Glimpses of Pune’. The contest saw an overwhelming response through numerous entries in DSLR and Mobile phone categories. Ms Surabhi Jejurikar, our Alumnus and a professional photographer was the judge for the contest. Mr Shashikant Khandapure, MBA-I-B and Ms Bhairavi Kemkar, MBA-I-B were the winners in DSLR and Mobile phone categories respectively. The Photography Exhibition organized on 8th September 2018 was inaugurated by the Principal, Dr Kalyani Joshi who appreciated the students’ talent. The images captured by the students were eye-catching and befitting the theme of the contest.
The Bookworm’s Presentation
Day & Date :14th August 2018, Tuesday
Resource Person : Dr. S. P. Walvekar Mrs. Sandhya Sathe
Objectives :
  • To encourage the habit of reading
  • To celebrate the new forms of knowledge repositories
  • To build confidence in presentation skills
Outcomes :
The activity created awareness of transformation of library from a traditional to a digital one. The session inspired students for inculcating the habit of reading.
Summary Report :
In order to celebrate Librarian’s Day on 12th August, The Metamorph Club of MBA Department had organized competition which was “THE BOOKWORM’S PRESENTATION”. The topics were given in advance related to library such as
1) Mind to mobile-Libraries then and now
2) Best libraries in the world
3) Relevance of Book Clubs and libraries today
4) Book Café a new trend
5) Wikipedia as a Library
6) Has Google replaced libraries?
7) Piracy of Books- Print and online
8) Book review of any non-fiction book that you have read
Students presented the topic in the group of six and were judged by experts.
“Woman Empowerment – Celebrating Woman Entrepreneurship”
Day & Date :08/03/2018, Thursday
Resource Person : Mrs. Sunita Shetty, Co founder BreadCrumbsCo India
Objectives :
  • To make students aware about importance of "Gender equality” in today’s world
  • To encourage budding women entrepreneurs in the Department
Outcomes :
  • The session helped all girls to understand what they can do and how they can do to create good career for themselves. It also helped boys and men to understand their role in creating a more equal world
Summary Report :

The international Women’s Day is an opportunity to rejoice and recharge together in society with women across the world. Mrs. Sunita Shetty in her talk on "Gender equality and it’s important for the growth of organization and for a healthy society”. She said that young women can make a difference in the workplace for themselves and for the organization if they seek challenges, take risks, and pursue their goals with gusto. She also helped men in the audience understand the challenges women face and what they can do to support them. In the second half of the program Ms. Prashanti Bijapur, MBA I student shared her journey as a budding blogger. Then, Ms. Aishwarya Satam, MBA II student also shared her experience as a first generation women entrepreneur in a creative venture. She said that her mantra is “Take challenges and never give up.”

“Campus to Corporate”
Day & Date :09/01/2018, Tuesday
Resource Person : Mr. Sharad Gangal, HR Director Thermax Ltd Pune, Mr. Aniruddha Kaul Head Marketing & Compliance PTC Ltd , and Kaustubh Badbade, Retired HR Director Persistent Systems
Objectives :
  • To share information about skills required by students in the journey from Campus to Corporate
Outcomes :
The session helped the students to understand the demands of the industry, choose the direction where they wish to go and select their own career path.
Summary Report :

The session was initiated by Mr. Sharad Gangal. He shared his views on good listening skills and its impact in today’s life. He enumerated his experience with different examples. Mr. Badbade emphasized on the concept “BE YOURSELF” Mr. Aniruddha Kaul discussed on manual for MBA Students where he shared that students should look, dress, think, act and behave like managers. The session was inaugurated by Dr. Kalyani Srinivas HoD, MBA Department and vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Swati More.

R and Excel Workshop
Day & Date :31st January to 3rd February 2017
Resource Person : Ms. Priti Pandhu
Objectives :
  • To familiarize students in R software which is used for the research activities in academics
  • To enhance the analytical skills for research
  • To equip students to gain understanding of basics of analytics using language R and Excel
Outcomes :
The workshop imparted training to students in basic analytical skills to help them integrate data in research work. It also guided the students in handling data which is crucial for critical decision making by managers.
Summary Report :

Businesses are generating humungous amount of data now a days through various sources. In order to be employable students needs to enhance the analytical skills in the area of research. Total number of students registered were 58 from MBA I and II.
They are finding it difficult to make sense of that data and gain meaningful insight. As these students face acute shortage of basic analytics skills. The main reason of conducting this workshop is to equip the students so that they can gain in-depth understanding of analytical tools like R and Excel. The endeavour of this workshop was to learn to swim in an ocean called Analytics. This is one of the most popular courses to bridge the gap between students from non-analytical background.

“Video presentations on “Bottom of Entrepreneurship Pyramid”
Day & Date :22/8/2017 and 23/8/2017 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
Resource Person : Mr. Harshal Ingale (Blue Dart DHL) & Mr. Ajay Agarwal ( Karhans Pvt. Ltd.)
Objectives :
  • To inspire a spirit of entrepreneurship among the students
  • To know the factors which are helpful for building entrepreneurship
  • To understand the highs and lows of the life of an entrepreneur
Outcomes :
The activity helped students to uncover critical aspects in startup in areas such as business models, fund raising, sales management, marketing, and finance etc.
Summary Report :

A video presentation competition “Bottom of Entrepreneurship Pyramid” was organized to instill a spirit of entrepreneurship among the student.
This activity was conducted to provide the students an opportunity to know about the competencies, skills and attitude required to become an entrepreneur. Students groups interviewed first generation entrepreneur and presented their learning in the form of group presentation and film clipping. The experts judged the event and shared their own experiences as an entrepreneur.

“Seminar on Need of Information Security in an organization”
Day & Date :05/10/2017 Thursday
Resource Person : Mr. Nikhil Marathe, NMA associates
Objectives :
  • To create awareness among students about need of information security in an organization
Outcomes :
Students understand the importance of need of information security in an organization. The information security performs four important functions for an organization which enables the secure operation of application implemented on the organization’s Information Technology (IT) systems.
Summary Report :

Regardless of the size of the organization, there is a need to ensure the security of the information assets. A seminar was organized by the MBA Department to build this awareness.
The C-I-A triangle states that protecting data means protecting its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Failure to protect all three of these aspects includes business losses, legal liability, and loss of company goodwill. Mr. Nikhil Marathe spoke on basics of Information Security, Security Threats and Vulnerabilities, Cryptography, Encryption, Server Management, Firewalls and Security Management.

Seminar on “Skills development for effective Public Speaking”
Day & Date :26/08/2017 (Saturday)
Resource Person : Mr. Raghav Khaddkar , Vipanan Analytical Technology
Objectives :
  • Understanding importance of public speaking skills
  • Sharing tips for effective public speaking
Outcomes :
  • Participants appreciated that Public Speaking Skills are essential for over all development and is the key to success in corporate life.
Summary Report :

The seminar on Skills development for effective public speaking was organized at the MBA department. Public speaking skills help everyone to communicate important messages within and outside the organization.
Mr. Raghav Khaddkar said communication is the backbone of our society. It allows us to set connections, influence decisions, and stimulate change. Without communication skills, the ability to progress in the corporate world would be nearly impossible. He shared basic tips which everyone can adopt for effective communication.

Day & Date : 10th January 2017, Tuesday
Resource Person : NA
Objectives :
  • To inspire creativity and enhance writing skills in the students
  • To encourage in-depth analysis on the given topic
Outcomes :
Students demonstrated proficiency in written communication with the given topic. Students expressed their ideas about “Demonetization and common man” through essay writing competition.
Summary :
The idea of conducting an essay contest was to educate the students on the topic “Demonetization and common man”. This competition emphasized on Knowledge and conceptualization of the given topic thoroughly in English.
Day & Date : 17th January 2017, Tuesday
Resource Person : Ms. Archana Pingale
Objectives :
  • To list the criticality of emotional intelligence in work, life and relationships
  • To distinguish emotional intelligence from other forms of intelligences
Outcomes :
The purpose of the seminar was to supplement students with basic of Emotional intelligence. Through the session students got to know that higher emotional intelligence, the more likely are to succeed in personal and professional relationships. There is a strong correlation between well-developed emotional intelligence and personal self-satisfaction and overall self-confidence.

Summary report :
Today emotional intelligence is essential in effective leadership. The seminar was organized by MBA Department which focused on four clusters related to EI, Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Social Skills.
In the seminar, Ms. Pingale highlighted that principles of Emotional Intelligence, reflective practices and mindfulness can be used to enhance professionalism and overall performance.
With emotional intelligence it would be very easy to interact effectively with others. Emotional intelligence allows us to perceive emotions, understand another person’s motivations and manage our own emotions.
Day & Date : Every Week
Objectives :

To prepare the students for the current issues in today's economy, management and businesses at national and international level.

Outcomes : After first few issues it was found that the students are taking keen interest in the news bulletin and developing a habit in reading and understanding the news.
Summary report :

Under The Metamorph Club of MBA a news bulletin namely इtiहti- has been presented every week. The bulletin contains Departmental news, National news and International news related to business world and current affairs. The idea of presenting this news bulletin is to inculcate exposure to business world. The students ought to ignore the current affairs being presented by different news channels, news papers, magazines and journals. In order to make them aware of the current scenario this activity is planned and executed by the students which are supervised by Prof. Pallavi N. Shintre.

My Friend Ganesha- "The Management Leader"
Day & Date : 24/09/2016 (Friday)
Objectives :
  • To correlate theoretical concepts in management by idea generation
  • To develop managerial vision among students by adopting various management theories
Outcomes : Through this activity MBA students got platform to think beyond their syllabus and correlate the theoretical concepts with the life stories of "Lord Ganesha".
Summary report :

My Friend Ganesha- "The Management Leader" activity was conducted in the department. This innovative Activity was conducted in order to boost novel ideas by students.

It seems Lord Ganesha is not just the remover of obstacles and a god of knowledge. He's also a management guru who embodies the qualities needed by a smart manager. His big head inspires us to dream big and profitably, his big ears instruct us to listen attentively to new ideas and suggestions, his narrow eyes signify the need to concentrate, and his small mouth reminds us that silence is golden.

In order to highlight key leadership traits, MBA students have taken the symbolic meaning of Lord Ganesha’s body image and come up with few lessons that help us become successful leaders.

War of Words
Day & Date :23/08/2016 (Friday)
Objectives :
  • To understand and communicate various forms of argument effectively in a variety of contexts.
  • To develop the ability to analyze controversies, select and evaluate evidence, construct and disprove arguments.
  • To learn the process of communicating arguments with people.
  • To clarify ones personal and social values through argument with the value judgments of others.
  • To create belongingness towards our Nation
Outcomes : The outcome of the event was students had realized of celebrating our national festival in a productive way. Also they were exposed to different factors like India-developing country, hurdles in development, history and current of Indian economy. It was a learning for the students to forth ideas and concepts related to it.
Summary report :

The War of Words was a group discussion organized by MBA department under Metamorph Club. There were thirteen groups from MBA first year and second year students. The topic for discussion was "India and Independence". Each group performed well with unique ideas and thoughts.

Bumble Bee Workshop
Day & Date :29/07/2015 (Wednesday)
Resource Person :Ms. Padmini Panse
Objectives :
  • To make the students familiar with group dynamics concepts
  • To understand the impact of grapevine communication in the organization.
  • To learn how to resolve stress
  • To introduce concepts like leadership, Quality management
Outcomes : Students were introduced to management concepts like leadership, team work and time management
Summary report :

Bumble Bee workshop was organised by MBA Department of PES Modern College of Engineering. This workshop was conducted by the Management trainers, Ms. Padmini Panse and Mr. Saumitra Marathe from the organisation Bumble Bee. The workshop focused on learning management concepts through games such as:

  • Snakes and ladders: The game was about vertical growth as well as sudden decline in the manager’s career. A manager should necessarily be able to cope up with changes in his/ her corporate career Here the snakes depicts obstacles in the career and ladders represent growth opportunities.
  • Team management game etc.
Metamorph Club

The Metamorph Club is formed by the MBA students for their all round development. Today’s graduates lack proper training and confidence. Hence there is a need to bridge this gap. The main idea behind formation of this club is to prepare students for the present job market and make them proficient in communication and soft skills. The activities of the club also serves to inspire and motivate students for excellence in every sphere of life.


Prof. Pallavi N. Shintre