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Student Chapters



Session on “HR opportunities in Industry
Day & Date : 6th January 2018, Saturday
Resource Person : Mr. Nitin Daangal (Head HR & Admin)
Objectives :
  • To make students aware about various opportunities in Industries.
  • To understand various characteristics and personalities traits required for the entry level jobs
Mr. Nitin Daangal sharing his views about Personality and characteristics required by the Industry
Outcomes :
Students understood how to behave in the corporate world. They were also benefitted with the importance of goal setting and HR management in an organisation.
Summary report :
A guest session had been organized by MBA Department in association with Pune Management Association Student Chapter.
Mr. Nitin Daangal shared his experience about Industry expectations. He also touched on the aspect of that what are various characteristics and personalities traits required for the entry level jobs. He was also continuously focusing on skill sets required in order to achieve individual’s goals. The difference between goal and dreams was well conveyed to the students. Mr. Daangal shared his own story and address students to grab the opportunities whenever they come across.
Session on Industry 4.0
Day & Date : 2nd May 2018 (Wednesday)
Resource Person : Mr. Arvind Navdikar
Objectives :
  • To keep updated towards latest trends in Human Resource
Outcomes :
  • Participants benefitted with latest trends in Human Resource such as new automation techniques and robots.

Mr. Arvind Navdikar addressing gathering on the topic Industry 4.0
Summary report :
The session covered topics such as
  • Review of Industrial Revolution and promise of Industry 4.0
  • Internet of things
  • Industrial Internet of things
  • Implementation of latest technologies such as 3D printing
  • Robots as Colleagues than machines tool etc
Key Performance Indicator and SWOT
Day & Date : 20/10/2016 (Thursday)
Resource Person : Mr. Pravin Potdar
Objectives :
  • A SWOT analysis can help students to identify and understand what key issues affecting their career and Jobs
  • To identify key weaknesses which can be addressed for betterment of individual
Outcomes :
  • Students understand how to capitalise various opportunities and address weakness after conducting self SWOT analysis.
Summary report :

On 20th October 2016, a lecture on “Key Performance Indicator and SWOT” is organized by Pune Management Association, Pune in association with MBA Department.

Mr. Pravin Potdar (Secretary) PMA was the keynote speaker. According to sir, SWOT helps individual to identify his/her own positive points (strength) and negative points (weakness). A weakness can be converted into strength by recognising it and by making an effort in that direction. The setting of Key Performance Indicators (abbreviated as KPI) is an important aspect of the strategic planning process and plays a major role in the measurement of progress of the individual.

The lecture concluded with saying; identify the opportunities that come to us at various points of time and possible threats that also come from the other persons.

PMA Student Chapter Inauguration
Day & Date : 03/10/2016 (Monday)
Resource Person : Mr. Pradeep Tupe
Objectives :
  • To promote exchange of knowledge and ideas which will benefit to students
Outcomes :
  • Student got a good platform to attend various seminar, Guest lectures and workshops conducted by PMA Student Chapter.
Summary report :

On 3rd October 2016, PMA student chapter was Inaugurated in the MBA Department. The various dignitaries such as Mr. Pradeep Tupe (Vice President PMA), Mr. Pravin Potdar (Secretary) and Mr.Prashanr Nimbalkar (Executive Committee Member), from Pune Management Association were present.

Mr. Pradeep Tupe guided MBA student’s about what exactly PMA is. What are the key functions of PMA? Later Mr. Prashant Nimbalkar had thrown light on the topic Soft skills and it’s need!!

Last but not list Mr. Pravin Potdar had announced What are forth coming events organized by PMA

Women Empowerment through awareness of Safety
Day & Date : 03/10/2016 (Monday)
Resource Person : Police Sub Inspector, Vaishali Purushottam Sajjan
Objectives :
  • To create awareness on Women’s Rights, Protection and Empowerment
  • To enable women to realize their full potential to have equal access to participation and decision making of women in social and economic life of the society.
Outcomes :
  • Through this guest lecture student’s got idea how to remove all discrimination and all forms of violence against women and the girl children
Summary report : Women's empowerment has five components:
  • women's sense of self-worth
  • Their right to have and to determine choices
  • Their right to have access to opportunities and resources
  • Their right to have the power to control their own lives, both within and outside the home
  • And their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a more just social and economic order, nationally and internationally.

According to Police Sub Inspector, Vaishali Purushottam Sajjan, most women are insecure to use tactics as it’s based on size and strength. In these days it is observed that surprise and violence of the attack would make any brain freeze in fear. Day by day aggression and assault is a women's reality. The PSI guided about importance of safety as the attacks are all abuses of power, where the attacker uses the act of violence to dominate and demonstrate power over the victims. The tips given by Ms. Sajjan would definitely help women realize the need to fight back.

Cyber crime and protection by laws
Day & Date : 03/10/2016 (Monday)
Resource Person : Police Sub Inspector, Swati Vilas Deodhar
Objectives :
  • To educate student on the topic cyber crimes
  • To update students on what are various protection by laws
Outcomes :
  • Students got valuable knowledge about several cyber crimes like hacking the ATM password, transferring all the money from victim's account to their accounts, pornography issues etc. In order to tackle these crimes, what are several rules and regulations governing cyber space known as Cyber Law
Summary report :

The development of Information Technology gave birth to the cyber space where in internet gives equal opportunities to the public to access any information. Due to increase in the number of netizens, misuse of technology is increasing which leads to cyber crimes.

PSI Swati Vilas Deodhar explained what are various types of Cyber Crime and effects of Cyber Crime on Society. She explained how the criminal offers variety of fake promotions giving the public illusion of security thus forcing them to provide their personal information. She also covered important topic i.e. human trafficking which includes child pornography which is a major offence.

The lecture concluded with The topic social networking sites and chat groups which are also leads to serious cyber crimes.