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Student Clubs

Personality Development Club

Key to Success
Day & Date: Wednesday, 27/12/2021
Brief Description : This lecture of goal setting, the importance of attitude and various strategies for getting and staying motivated. This lecture covers how to set SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and timely) goals and work toward accomplishing those goals. Time management is a skills, tools, and techniques utilized to accomplish specific tasks, projects, and goals. Goal setting is a major component of personal-development and management literature.
Dr. Leena Rajopadhye interacting with students
Students during Session
Personality Development
Day & Date: Thursday, 23/12/2020
Brief Description : This lecture helps for better understanding and importance of overall personality development was delivered by Dr. Mrs. Tanuja Kher Madam from COEP, Pune. She explained effectively how the students can establish balance between the co-curricular activities and academics. She also elaborated on the benefits of nurturing one’s hobbies and it’s relation to mental health. She managed to give a few tricks and traits of planning studies and activities for exam preparation as well.
Dr. Tanuja Kher interacting with students
Students during Session
Day & Date: TUESDAY, 02//02/2021
Brief Description : Meditation is often defined as thinking continuously about one object of thought. We often get stuck on this definition, however, and lose the real purpose of meditation. Meditation must reveal the true nature of that object upon which we are meditating.
Prof. Vivekanand Jawale
Students during Session
Day & Date: 02-05/05/2020 (TUESDAY)
Brief Description : Event was organised by First Year Engineering of PES Modern College of Engineering. This talk was deliverd by Dr . Shradha sakatka ,Modern College of Arts Science and commerce ,Pune. The counseling session was focused on techniques used to transfer Distress into Eustress
Students during Session
Day & Date: 10/04/2018 (TUESDAY)
Resource Person : DR.SUKHADA CHIMOTE
Objective: To understand ways to handle stress

Students understood the ways of harnessing nervous energy to get through exam with success instead of freezing in fear.

Summary report:

Event was organised by General Science Department of PES Modern College of Engineering. This talk was deliverd by Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Sukhada Chimote IPH Head (Pune).The counseling session was focused on techniques used to transfer Distress into Eustress.

Visit of Indian Army Campaign
Day & Date :24/09/2016 & Wednesday
Session conducted by : Col. Pandey, Lullanagar, pune.
Objectives : To know the recruitment procedures for various posts in the army and students learn discipline from the Indian army
Summary report :

A visit to the South Command Wing of the Army in Pune. Selected students from all divisions of first year engineering were taken for the program held in the army campus located in Lullanagar. The program began with inspirational and enthusiastic videos about the work and life of the army men and women. It was followed by a formal welcome speech by Col. Pandey He enlightened the students about the various exams that are held for recruitments in army. He also informed the students about different eligibility criteria, age limits, relaxations, the period in which these exams are held as well as the pays and perks offered to them. Apart from this, a brief on how to prepare for the exam and subsequently crack them was also narrated in his speech. The speech was followed by an ammunition display wherein information regarding different types of guns and rifles was catered to the students.

Outcomes : Students learned recruitment procedures for various posts in the army . Visit to the Army Camp which helpful to the students for their better progress in life.
Poster painting
Day & Date :5/10/2015 & MONDAY
Session conducted by : Prof Dr.L.N.Rajopadhye , Prof. V.S.Raote & Prof V.S.Jawale
Objectives : It provides the platform to present creative ideas to develop unique solutions of the engineering problems and also offers the students to express their multifaceted talents in other area.
Summary report :

FE students of all division participated enthusiastically in this event. Poster painting consisting of working models, charts, conceptual models etc. poster painting in the concept of Global warming. The event was organized for the first time and drew great interest and enthusiasm from the students to think out of box and develop comradeship, resourcefulness, demonstrate their skills and talents in different fields

Outcomes : Students got the knowledge of global warming and their effects.
Quiz competition
Day & Date :16/9/2015 & Tuesday
Session conducted by : Prof Dr.L.N.Rajopadhye , Prof. V.S.Raote & Prof V.S.Jawale
Objectives : After attending the activity participants will able to Know their technical level of knowledge and understand method of Cracking Technical Aptitude
Summary report :

EVENT The activity was beneficial for all the students to gain their technical knowledge and helps to improve their technical aptitude

Outcomes : Students are exposed to Learn and understand concepts on Techniques. and improve their aptitude level which is very useful for carrier growth
Day & Date : 10 /9/2015 & FRIDAY
Session conducted by : Prof Dr.L.N.Rajopadhye & Prof. V.S.Raote
Objectives :
  • To will spread the idea of general and communication skills.
  • To encourages one to think on one's feet and propose convincing logic while expressing idea.
Summary report :

Increase the knowledge of the specific topic of debate and to improve communicate effectively through spoken English language, improve their evaluate both sides of the argument. specially students getting reasons to defend their decision with the present their prospective

Outcomes : Students are exposed to unfamiliar words and information and Find reasons to defend their points about the topic with very good ideas.
Personality Development Club

Personality development club of general science modern college of engineering aims to train the students in various aspects that would help in development of personality to meet the challenges in personal and professional life.
Every individual has tremendous untapped potential within himself / herself. but not everyone is successful. success does not happen by chance, personality development is to have positive impact on one's communication skills and the way he sees the world individuals tent to develop a positive attitude as a result of personality development.

Goals And Objectives

  • Personality and work
  • Skill development
  • Carrier development
  • Group discussion
  • Body language- reveals inner self and personality

Staff coordinators:

1 Prof.Dr.L.N.Rajopadhye FE co-ordinator
2 Prof. V.S.Jawale Co - ordinator
3 Prof. Dr. V. kanchana Co - ordinator