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Research & Innovation

Research Publication Promotion Policy


This policy aims to lay down the processes for promotion and support available to researchers (students, faculty and other employees of MCOE) for publishing their research work in the form of Research Papers. 

The Research and Innovation Cell at MCOE constituting following members will provide guidance and support to the interested parties (students / faculty members / other employees) about publication procedure, financial details and about necessary support funds from the college for the concerned party whose affiliation is PES’s Modern COE Pune 05.



Research and Innovation (R and I) Cell:

  1. Dr. Mrs. K. R. Joshi (Chair)
  2. Dr. Mr. G. S. Modak (Coordinator)
  3. Dr. Mrs. R. S. Kamathe (Member & Subject Expert- E & TC)
  4. Dr. Mrs. S. D. Borde (Member & Subject Expert- E & TC)
  5. Dr. Mr. J. S. Gawande (Member & Subject Expert- Mechanical)
  6. Dr. Mrs. Dipali Ubale (Member & Subject Expert- MBA)






Research Publication Promotion Policy:  

Scientific and scholarly publications provide the main vehicle to disseminate findings, thoughts, and analysis to the scientific, academic, and lay communities. For academic activities

to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, they must be published in sufficient detail and accuracy to enable others to understand and elaborate the results. For the authors of such work, successful publication improves opportunities for academic funding and promotion while enhancing scientific and scholarly achievement and repute. At the same time, the benefits of authorship are accompanied by a number of responsibilities for the proper planning, conducting, analysis, and reporting of research, and the content and conclusions of other scholarly work. 


As a respected member of the academic community, it is the responsibility of PES MCOE to protect these fundamental elements of the scientific and scholarly process. This policy provides an educational resource describing the essential considerations and requirements in responsible authorship and publication at PES MCOE.


Policy on Authorship


The following principles define PES MCOE’s policy on authorship of publications.


1. Defining Authorship

An author is generally considered to be an individual who has made substantial intellectual contributions to a scientific investigation. All authors should meet the following three criteria, and all those who meet the criteria should be authors:


a. Scholarship: Contribute significantly to the conception, design, execution, and/or analysis and interpretation of data.


b. Authorship: Participate in drafting, reviewing, and/or revising the manuscript for intellectual content.


c. Approval: Approve the manuscript to be published.


2. Lead Author / Corresponding Author.

As a practical matter in the case of publications with multiple authors, one author should

be designated as the lead author. The lead author assumes overall responsibility for the manuscript, and also often serves as the managerial and corresponding author, as well as providing a significant contribution to the research effort. A lead author is not necessarily the principal investigator or project leader. 


The lead author is responsible for:

a. Authorship: Including as co-authors all and only those individuals who meet the authorship criteria set forth in this policy.

b. Approval: Providing the draft of the manuscript to each individual contributing author for review and consent for authorship. The lead author should obtain from all coauthors their agreement to be designated as such and their approval of the manuscript. A journal may have specific requirements governing author review and consent, which must be followed.


c. Integrity: The lead author is responsible for the integrity of the work as a whole, and ensuring that reasonable care and effort has been taken to determine that all the data are complete, accurate, and reasonably interpreted.


3. Co-authors

All co-authors of a publication are responsible for:


a. Authorship: By providing consent to authorship to the lead author, co-authors acknowledge that they meet the authorship criteria set forth in section 1 of this policy. A co-author should have participated sufficiently in the work to take responsibility for appropriate portions of the content.


b. Approval: By providing consent to authorship to the lead author, co-authors are acknowledging that they have reviewed and approved the manuscript.


c. Integrity: Each co-author is responsible for the content of all appropriate portions of the manuscript, including the integrity of any applicable research.


An individual retains the right to refuse co-authorship of a manuscript if s/he does not satisfy the criteria for authorship.


4. Authorship Order

The order of authors is a collective decision of the authors or study group. This policy does not address questions or disputes regarding the order of authorship on publications. It is not possible for the University to define the order of authorship. In conjunction with the lead author, co-authors should discuss authorship order at the onset of the project and revise their decision as needed. All authors must work together to make these informed judgments.


5. Research Funding

All authors, in manuscripts submitted for review and publication, must acknowledge/disclose the source(s) of support for the work. Support includes research and educational grants, salary or other support, contracts, gifts, and departmental, institutional and hospital support.


6. Financial Conflicts of Interest

Authors shall fully disclose, in all manuscripts to journals, all relevant financial interests that could be viewed as a potential conflict of interest or as required by the Institute and/or journal. All such financial interests must also be reported internally as required by the Institute’s conflict of interest policies.






Policy on Ownership, Confidentiality and Funding

  1. Ownership: 

a. Research Work: Ownership of copyright of all copyrightable work shall rest with the author(s) with the following exceptions:

  1. MCOE shall be the owner of the copyright of work, including software, created by Student / faculty with significant use of college resources.
  2. MCOE shall be the owner of the copyright on all teaching material developed by faculty members as part of any of the academic programs at MCOE. However, the authors shall have the right to use the material in her/his professional capacity. However, MCOE shall not claim ownership of copyright on books and publications authored by faculty/ students.
  1. Disclosures, Confidentiality and Assignment of Rights:

All MCOE personnel and non-MCOE personnel associated with any activity of MCOE shall treat all publication related information which has been disclosed to the Research and Innovation Cell, MCOE and/or whose rights are assigned to MCOE, or whose rights rest with MCOE personnel, as confidential. Such confidentiality agreement should be signed by the parties involved prior start of the activities. Such confidentiality shall be maintained till the date as demanded by the relevant contract, if any, between the concerned parties unless such knowledge is in the public domain or is generally available to the public.


  1.  Funding

MCOE will provide funding to the authors of the papers only if:

  1. Author specifies his /her affiliation as PES MCOE.
  2. Conference is a SCOPUS approved conference (Applicable for conference paper) [Funding will be released after publication is reflected in Author’s SCOPUS profile]
  3. Plagiarism norms are fully satisfied as per publisher’s policy.
  4. Paper is published online in the SCOPUS approved journal OR UGC 
     CARE listed and the proof of online publication is submitted to the R & I Cell. (Applicable for Journal paper)
  5. Maximum amount of funding that will be provided to one author faculty member (who is appearing first in the author list **) is Rs 5000/- OR 10% of the registration / publication charges (whichever is minimum of the two amounts) (in case of paid SCOPUS/ UGC Care journal /conference) ( prescribed by the Conference / Journal, with a limit of 1 conference paper and 1 journal paper in one academic year. **provided that his/her maximum funding limit for the academic year is not exceeded. 
  6. Funding will be provided to Lead / Corresponding Author who is a PESMCOE faculty member. (Responsibility of distributing the funds amongst co-author/s lies solely with the faculty member who has availed the funding and PESMCOE’s R & I Cell will not be responsible for dispute arising if any).
  1. If more than one faculty member/s of PESMCOE is in the role of author and if the limit of one funding per academic year is reached for the Lead / Corresponding author, the funding will be provided to the next author faculty member of PESMCOE, provided the limit is not reached for him/her.
  2. If the funding amount limit as specified in point No. 5 is exceeded for the first author, then the next author faculty member with designation as PESMCOE will be eligible for receiving the funding. 
  3. On receiving the funding, the recipients are expected to give “Receipt of Funding for Publication” in the prescribed format to the coordinator within a week.
  4. Final decision about the grant of funds for the academic year solely lies with the R & I Cell who will be working as per the resolutions from  the College Development Committee (CDC).


  1. Conflict of Interest:

 The inventor(s) are required to disclose any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest (if any).






Dr. Mrs. K. R. Joshi                                                                             Dr. Mr. G. S. Modak 

Principal                                                                                              Dr. Mrs. R. S. Kamathe 

                                                                                                    Dr. Mrs. S. D. Borde     

                                                                                                             Dr. Mr. J. S. Gawande 

                                                                                                             Dr. Mrs. Dipali Ubale

                                                                                                            R and I Cell Members











Part – A


Title of paper



Journal / Conference name




Status of Journal / Conference

SCOPUS / UGC CARE listed (Please Tick)


Name of  Faculty/ Students 

Email and contact no.



















Date of Publication




1. First page of published paper

2. Copy (snapshot) of SCOPUS Profile where the concerned paper is reflected


Name and Sign of the Applicant                                                                                     


Forwarded through- Name and Sign of HOD 



     PART B

Forwarded by R and I Cell

IPR Cell Member

Comment (if any)


Dr. Prof. (Mrs.) K. R. Joshi



Dr. G. S. Modak



Dr. (Mrs.) R. S. Kamathe



Dr. (Mrs.) S. D. Borde



Dr. Mr. J. S. Gawande



Dr. Mrs. Dipali Ubale




Forwarded to account section for release of Rs.                /- as early as possible.



Dr. Mrs. K. R. Joshi


PES’s Modern College of Engineering

Shivajinagar, Pune-411005                                         





Funding  Receipt

Name of the researcher: ___________________________________

Title of the research publication: ___________________________________________________

Type of publication: Journal/Conference proceeding: _____________

Name of the Department: _____________________________


I have received grant of  _______ /- (In words______________________ rupees only) from PES’s Modern College of Engineering, Shivajinagar, Pune-5, for the above-mentioned publication of my research.


Thanking you,



Signature and name of applicant author 

Number of co-authors, if any: ____ 

Undertaking: We, the following authors have received our share of the granted funding as per the details below.

Sr. No. 



Mobile Number

Amount received (₹ )