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Student Clubs

Robotics Club

Robotics Club


About Us

  • Established in year 2011.
  • Robotics Club is group of students from E&TC and Mechanical engineering, who have keen interest in robotics. Each member of this club is given the knowledge of basic mechanical, electronics & embedded system. They are also provided with fully equipped Robotics Lab where students can build their ideas under the guidance of experienced club members.
  • Club supports and fosters interest in various aspects related to robotics in particular, mechanical design through workshops, tutorials, lectures and projects.
  • Every year club members including staff participate in various national and international competitions and bring laurels to the institute.

Vision of the club

To Provide knowledge from interdisciplinary domain like mechanical, electronics & embedded systems and to motivate the students and faculty for participation in various robotics competitions by providing a platform through e-Yantra lab setup Initiative (eLSI) supported by IIT Bombay, sponsored by (MHRD).


Robotics Club is group of students from E&TC, Mechanical, Computer and Electrical engineering, who have keen interest in Robotics domain. This club is established in 2011. They are provided with fully equipped Robotics Lab where students can build their ideas under the guidance of experienced staff members. Club supports and fosters interest in various aspects related to robotics in particular, mechanical design through workshops, tutorials, lectures, Webinars and projects.

Every year club members including staff participate in various national and international competitions and bring laurels to the Institute.

Name of the Staff Coordinator/s:

Dr. Mrs. V. P. Kodgirwar (ENTC)
Dr. A. S. Shirsat (ENTC)

Name of the Student Coordinator/s:

Moksha Shaha (TE ENTC)
Shubham Chengta (TE MECH)
Tanishq Shelke (TE ELE)


Activities conducted under Robotics Club in A.Y. 2020-21

Title of the Activity: Induction Program for SE Students

14th August 2020, Saturday
    Robotics Club Activities
  • Induction program for FE / SE students.
  • Lectures Conducted on Robotics and Innovative Technology.
  • Workshop on Manual Robot.
  • Workshop on Autonomous Robot (i-Navigate).
  • Participation in Robocon (International competition).
  • Participation by students in Robotics Competition like ESCLADE (IIT Guwahati), e-Yantra (IIT Bombay) and Techfest (IIT Bombay).
  • Participation by faculty in e-Yantra TBT and e-Yantra challenge.

    Induction Program
  • Introduction of Robotics club is given to FE/SE students every year.
  • Information regarding club activity is also given.
  • Staff and Senior member demonstrate different robots to create enthusiasm into the FE/SE students.
  • Expert lecture is arranged.C:\Users\user\Downloads\Shareit\Photo\IMG_20160109_142929.jpg
  • Videos of different robots are shown.

    Lectures for Robotics Club Members
    Topics covered in lectures:
  • Pneumatics Basics.
  • Different types of motors.
  • Working of motors.
  • Sensors.
  • Types of wheels.
  • Some Switches.
  • Basics of chassis.
  • Different structures of robots.
  • Basics of microcontrollers, its applications and use.

    Manual Robot Workshop
  • Basic concepts and components required for development of Manual Robot are explained.
  • Circuits like H-bridge are also explained under this workshop.
  • Some basic mechanical concepts like stability, wheel configuration etc are also explained.

    It is an autonomous robot
    Workshop for
  • Line Tracing
  • Edge detection
  • Obstacle detection

    Best Rookie Award for Robocon-11
    Robocon 12
  • Theme: PenIndiarg On Dai Gat
  • All India Rank 17 Out of 64 Teams.

    Robocon 13
  • Theme: The Green Planet.
  • All India Rank 11 Out of 74 Teams.

    Robocon 14
  • Theme: Salute to the Parenthood.
  • All India Rank 15 Out of 88 Teams.

    Robocon 15
  • Theme: Badminton.
  • All India Rank 20 Out of 96 Teams

    Robocon 16
  • Theme: Chai-Yo: Clean Energy Recharging the World.
  • All India Rank 15 Out of 107 Teams.

    Robocon 17
  • Theme: Asobi- The Landing Disc.
  • All India Rank 5 out of 104 Teams.
  • Highest Individual Team Score at the Event.

    Robocon 18
  • Theme: NEM CON-Shuttlecock Throwing.
  • All India Rank 20 out of 115 Teams.
  • Task was completed on main Arena using fully Autonomous Robot.
  • Sponsored by Prasa Infocom and Power Solutions & Pvt Ltd.

    Escalade 5.0 National Robotics Contest IIT Guwahati (2016)

    The team of four students has participated in ESCLADE by IIT Guwahati and won first prize. Theme of the contest was design and manufacture of two robots. The automatic robot had to solve an unknown maze and pick up and put two blocks at the end arena. The manual robot had to climb by support of two walls and place the blocks at specified places.

    e-Yantra Lab Setup at PES’s MCOE, Pune.
    About e-Yantra

    An initiative by department that aims to create the next generation of Embedded Systems Engineers with a practical outlook to provide solutions for the real world problems. This lab is established in 2015-16 to train, guide and support the students in the field of Embedded Systems and Robotics through various courses, workshops, seminar and projects.

    Benefits of e-Yantra Lab
  • Increased enthusiasm amongst students.
  • BE projects with the help from e-Yantra open source community.
  • Better performance at Robotics competitions such as Robocon, ESCLADE, Techfest, e-Yantra.
  • Eligibility for participating in e-Yantra Ideas Competition and e-Yantra Symposium.
  • Chance to receive Internship in Embedded Systems from IIT Bombay.
  • Better prospects for engaging with other NMEICT projects.

    Inauguration of e-Yantra Lab

    After the successful completion of TBT-2016 and TBT Challenge-2016, e-LSI has set the e-yantra lab in P.E.S’s Modern College of Engineering, which is inaugurated by Principal Dr. Kalyani Joshi as well as online inauguration of lab is done by Mr. Kavi Arya, IIT Bombay in a Valedictory Function held on 29th July 2016.

    Task Based Training-2016
  • Task Based Training (TBT) is an endeavor to train teachers already familiar with Firebird V robot to implement hands-on experiments as the second phase of training through e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI)
  • On-line training over a period of 3-4 months where teacher teams are periodically assigned six tasks.
  • Each task is aimed at learning a specific concept pertaining to Embedded Systems and Robotics
  • Our college team has won Class ‘A’ Award in TBT-2016 and become eligible for e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative.
  • Three robotics kits of Firebird- V received from IIT Bombay (around INR 80000).

    e-Yantra TBT-Challenge 2016
  • Upon Successful completion of all the tasks of TBT, teams are given the opportunity to participate in TBT challenge. Here, skills of the teachers are tested by assigning a project based on the abstraction of a real life scenario.
  • Our college team has participated in TBT-Challenge -2016 and has successfully completed the challenge. College team is selected as a ‘One of the Top Performing Team’ all over India.

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i-Navigate Workshop on Line Tracing Robot for Robotics Club members.
Day & Date : Thursday, 15th Jan 2018.
Organizer: Robotics Club
Objectives :
  • To introduce the students about working, Manufacturing, and design of line tracing robot.
Outcome :
  • Students are motivated to participate in different robotics competition at state and national level.
  • They gain knowledge of basic dynamics of line tracing robot.
Summary report : Mr. Pushkar Kulkarni draws the attention on day to day life activities to conserve environment such as:
  • Introduction to Microcontroller (Atmega 2560) by Prof. V.P. Kodgirwar.
  • Design of structure using Solid Works by Mayur Ade.
  • Electronics Hardware is explained by Pritish Vitekar and Sakshi Nandgaonkar.
  • Coding of Line tracer robot is explained by Yash Gandhi, Omkar Nalawade and Mohd.Raza.
  • Live demo and hands on for line tracing robot.
Robotics Club Induction Program for All FE students.
Day & Date : Thursday, 17th September 2017.
Organizer: Robotics Club
Objectives :
  • To introduce the students about working of the robotics club and about various competitions
  • To introduce activities conducted under club like Manual workshop, Auto-robot workshop-Line Tracer, Basic lectures on Robotics.
Outcome : Students are motivated to participate in different robotics competition at state and national level.
Summary report :
  • History of robotics club and introduction to robotics club was explained by Prof. V.P. Kodgirwar.
  • Robocon team leader Atharva Paralikar explained different types of robots made by Team Vulcans, Team e-Yantra members and different activities conducted under robotics club.
  • Robotics Club Head Chetan Palkar shared his experience at Robotics Club.
  • Videos and demo of various Robots prepared for ESCLADE at IIT Guwahati, e-Yantra at IIT.
  • Live demo of ROBOCON 2017 Robot
National level competition Robocon – 17 with theme “The Landing Disc”.
Day & Date : 3, 4, 5 March 2017
Organizer: MIT AOE Alandi, Doordarshan
Objectives : Participation in Robocon-17 which aims to:
  • Develop software skills.
  • Get aware of installation process.
  • Design different hardware as per requirements.
  • Built team work.
Outcome : Students from different departments have improved their technical knowledge, leadership qualities and team spirit. This will help them in future.
Summary report : Robocon is an International event. Students from various engineering colleges of 16 countries participate in this event to become International Level Robotics Champions. The National winner of each country represents their country at the international level.

The National Robocon in India was scheduled from 3rd to the 5th of March, 2017 at Chatrapati Shivaji Stadium, Balewadi. 105 teams from all over India has participated to achieve the same goal. We cleared the Superleague round in which 24 teams were selected out of the 120 participating teams. Then we went on to the quarterfinals in which top 8 were selected out of 24. We acquired 5th Rank in the competition in the Finals out of 120 participating teams from various parts of India. The quarterfinals was shown live on Doordarshan Television Network.

Title of the Activity: Visit of Mr. Uday Samant (Education Minister, MS) at PES’s MCOE .

14th August 2020, Saturday

Title of the Activity: Webinar on Robotics and Automation.

Tuesday, 7th July 2020.


Achievements of Robotics Club

  • Scored 100 /100 Marks in Robocon 2020.
  • All India rank 20 out of 115 teams in Robocon 2018
  • All India rank 5 out of 104 teams in Robocon 2017.
  • Class ‘A’ Award with cash prize in e-Yantra TBT-2016, by IIT Bombay.
  • One of the 'Top Performing Team' across India in e-Yantra TBT-Challenge 2016' by IIT Bombay.
  • All India rank 18 out of 107 teams in Robocon 2016.
  • First Prize in ESCLADE, IIT Guwahati, 2016.
  • Best Rookie Award in Robocon 2011.
  • Rookie award in Robocon-2011.
  • First Prize in ESCLADE, IIT Guwahati.
  • Class A Award in e-Yantra TBT-2016, IIT Bombay.
  • One of the top performing team across India in e-Yantra TBT-Challenge 2016.
  • All India rank 17 in Robocon 2012.
  • All India rank 11 in Robocon 2013.
  • All India rank 15 in Robocon 2014.
  • All India rank 20 in Robocon 2015.
  • All India rank 18 in Robocon 2016.