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Student Chapters

S4DS Student Chapter



  • For the overall development of the students, along with academics participation of the students in co-curricular activities plays a vital role. The Professional Society Chapter is one of such means by which student’s development can be achieved.
  1. To interact with Industry Professionals and chalk out a career path.
  2. To broaden the knowledge by organizing and attending various events
  3. To get Certification & Training programs at concessional rates for students
  4. To get an opportunity to publish articles in journals.
  1. Students are exposed to various situations in which they develop their communication, organization, public speaking & teamwork skills.
  2. Students develop better subject knowledge by accessing the online resources of various professional societies.

S4DS Student Members A.Y.2021-22

Sr.No. Name of the Student Membership No.
1 Swati Ghule S4DS-APM-2022-00068
2 Ashwini Garkhedkar S4DS-APM-2022-00069
3 Pradnya Muley S4DS-APM-2022-00070
4 Sakshi Zawar S4DS-SM-2021-00519
5 Rashmeen Shaikh S4DS-SM-2021-00514
6 Aditya Mahajan S4DS-SM-2021-00518
7 Vishal Khatal S4DS-SM-2021-00533
8 Jay Bhalerao S4DS-SM-2021-00522
9 Tushar Puntambekar S4DS-SM-2021-00532
10 Tejas Jagtap S4DS-SM-2022-00626
11 Dhanshri Sakhale S4DS-SM-2021-00515
12 Rushabh Gosavi S4DS-SM-2022-00623
13 Jyotiram Dhole S4DS-SM-2022-00624
14 Omkar Madale S4DS-SM-2021-00525
15 Akanksha Yelai S4DS-SM-2021-00531
16 Pooja kanade S4DS-SM-2021-00523
17 Pallavi Jadhav S4DS-SM-2021-00528
18 Sharayu Ghotkar S4DS-SM-2021-00529
19 Nikita Solanki S4DS-SM-2021-00524
20 Ashish Vaidya S4DS-SM-2021-00535
21 Shraddha Shete S4DS-SM-2021-00527
22 Pinak Warankar S4DS-SM-2021-00540
23 Mrutyunjay Kharade S4DS-SM-2021-00537
24 Sourabh Salvi S4DS-SM-2021-00520
25 Aniket Tekale S4DS-SM-2021-00516
26 Rajat Bhargav S4DS-SM-2021-00513
27 Pramod Devadkar S4DS-SM-2021-00530
28 Harshad Chaure S4DS-SM-2021-00526
29 Himanshi Gawali S4DS-SM-2022-00625
30 Shirshika Doulthabad S4DS-SM-2021-00521

S4DS Student Members A.Y.2021-22

Sr.No. Name of the Student Membership No.
1 Swati Ghule 5760312
2 Netraja Muley 4853492
3 Pradnya Muley 5773794
4 Arunangshu Biswas 5773352
5 Hitesh Rahangdale 5773026
6 Jessica Johnson 5773087
7 Mayuresh Kulkarni 5772990
8 Mugdha Joshi 5773153
9 Muskan Tiwari 5773040
10 Rohit Kolape 5773291
11 Rujuta Chopade 5773113
12 Rupali Pise 5772936
13 Sarang Chafekar 5773416
14 Sourabh Palande 5773307
15 Tejas nawale 5773439
16 Rutuja Deshmukh 5953478
17 Omkesh Mundhe 5028543
18 Shruti Mishra 5953466
19 Anmol Nesarikar 5036511
20 Rutuja Jadhav 5034166

S4DS Faculty Membership

Sr.No. Name of the Student Membership No.
1 Swati Ghule 5760312
2 Netraja Muley 4853492
Sr.No. Name of the Student Membership No.
1 Pradnya Muley 5773794
2 Ashwini Garkhedkar S4DS-APM-2022-00068

Academic Year 2021-22

Branch Coordinator Dr. Pradnya Muley
Staff coordinator Mr. Yogeshchandra Puranik
Student Coordinator Ms. Gauri Naik

Academic Year 2020-21

Branch Coordinator Dr. Pradnya Muley
Staff coordinator Mr. Yogeshchandra Puranik
Student Coordinator Mr. Omkesh Mundhe

Inauguration Function of S4DS activity

17th May 2021


On 17th May2021 in PES MCOE we have inaugurated the professional society chapter, Societyfor Data Science S4DS.The Chief guest for the function were Dr. Amol Goje, president of of S4DS and Dr. Neha Sharma, Secretary of S4DS. Dr. Amol Goje briefly introduced about S4DS and Dr. Neha Sharma introduced the activities performed under S4DS.

Guest Lecture on data and Analytics



The guest speaker introduced the concept of Data, Data Science Data Analytics, data engineering. He also explained the students about the career opportunities in Software & IT field with respect to data scientist, data Engineer, Data Mining and data processing as well as given them the tips about how to upgrade themselves with the current technologies with some certifications courses to get better jobs in IT industry.

M-Technophilia (M-Pulse)

4-5 June 2021


M-Pulse is an annual technical event of Institution which was started with an intention to enhance the technical and managerial skills of students and provide them with an effective platform to face competitive activities. This year technical fest M - Technophilia, under M-Pulse 2021 was organized on ,4th & 5th June 2021on online platform which consisted of three different technical events namely Web Wonder(Webpage desgn),Speedo Coder(Coding),&Virtual Treasure Hunt(Competition)

The inauguration of event was done by chief guest Prof. Dr. Amlan Chakrabarti. His expertise and experience was an excellent addition to the program. He Shared his experience in DATA SCIENCE with students in her speech at inauguration.

One Winner & One Runner up were selected from each event. Winners were awarded with a Cash prize and certificate of participation.

Robotics of Data Science

5th Jan 2022


Our Chief guest Ms. Manasi Mugalikar had a discussion with students and shared valuable information with the students about career opportunities in Robotics, robotics of Data science, research opportunities in Robotics, Software and IT field as well as given them the tips about how to upgrade themselves to enter in IT field.

Introductory session on S4DS Society for Data Science

2nd Feb 2022


Our guest speaker introduced about S4DS Professional society chapter, its aim, objectives and key benefits of its membership, international exposure to the students, knowledge sharing of the eminent speakers of S4DS throughout the world, getting the research guidance and research projects from S4DS, chance to participate in international conferences organized by S4DS, free of cost research paper publishing and presenting in it, interactions with the experts in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning and various cutting edge technologies throughout the world, free assistance to students for the placements in IT industry, guest lectures on latest trends of the market, motivating the students to become a data scientist, Supporting and funding new ideas in the research projects.

FDP on Artificial Intelligence and data Science

3rd and 4th March 2022


In FDP various eminent speakers shared their knowledge on the topics as below. Dr. Jayanta Singh delivered a speech on Easy designing steps of a local data warehouse for possible analytical data warehousing. Prof. Swati Satpute guided on Data mining and Machine Learning Algorithms. Dr. Neelam Chandorikar delivered a speech on Natural Language processing and Machine Learning or Deep Learning. Dr. Amol Goje discussed the topic of forecasting. Dr. Seema Purohit delivered a speech on Foundation of data Science, Graph Theory and High dimensional spaces. Dr. Jyoti Prakash Singh conducted a hands on session on CNN and Deep auto encoder.