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Student Chapters

SAE Student Chapter



SAE Collegiate Chapter
Preamble:- Society of Automotive Engineers is a professional body with its headquarter at New-York (United States) Its Objective is to bring together all institutions, scholars & industries working in automobile field & give them a platform to exchange ideas, for the overall development in automobile field. SAE- India is professional body, which is a subset of SAE, & is having its headquarters at Chennai. Its operation is divided in 4 zones, with the western zone office located at ARAI, Pune. For involving the students, in their activities, they promote SAE collegiate chapter in various engineering colleges. SAE Students Chapter has been formed at PES modern College of Engineering for the overall development of the students in the year 2006. Membership Fees- are Rs. 450/- per student per year & Rs. 1400/ for Faculty Advisor. However they reimburse Rs. 50/- of membership fees per member if member strength is greater than 50 in a year.

By taking the membership of this chapter Students get following benefits.
  • Opportunity to participate in various skill based competitions organized by SAE India. eg. Baja Supra etc. By this students are exposed to competitive world at national level. , & develop their abilities.
  • Students get access to ARAI reference library.
  • Students get password to access SAE papers on their website(limited)
  • Students get concession in fees for attending various seminars at ARAI.
  • Students are eligible to get SAE scholarship, provided he/she has continuous membership of greater than 2 years.
  • Students can refer in their LOR (Letter of Recommendation) if he/she actively participate in The activities of the chapter.
  • Students feel pride of their association with a professional body, which boosts their confidence, They get opportunity to interact with students of SAE chapters of other colleges through various events /competitions etc.
  • Through this chapter various events are arranged
    1. organization of guest lectures, SAE Katta & workshops in the Dept.
    2. Industrial visit.
    3. Organization of “Tech-spark- A Reverse engineering based exhibition” for FE students.
    4. Participation in Baja, Supra, Go-kart, Efficycle competitions.
Objectives: Education does not mean only bookish knowledge. For the overall development , students should take part in various extracurricular activities. SAE students chapter is established at Mechanical Engg. dept. which offers students such opportunity for participation. Through this chapter various activities are carried out eg. Industrial visits, Event management in guest lectures, Tech spark exhibition, Participation in Competitions like-Baja, Supra, Go kart, Efficycle.

  • 1. To develop “competitiveness and technical skills” through participations in national events like BAJA, Supra, which are being organized by SAE India.
  • To develop “team work” through events like Baja, Supra.
  • To develop “leadership and organizing skills” through arranging various events under SAE chapter.
  • To give “Exposure to real world industries” and also to develop “organizing skills” through arranging industrial visits.
  • To develop “Technical and entrepreneur skills, team work” and “ Awareness about social responsibility” through organization of “Techspark” expedition.
  • To develop” sense on belongingness” within oneself.
  • To develop “Communication skills” through interacting with other students.
Students enthusiastically participate in the events arranged by SAE-India. By their participation & interaction with other members, they develop Skills like “Teamwork, Communication, Hands on experience, Leadership, Self-study etc.”

SAE Students Membership during last 4 years:

Year No. of Members
2015-16 69
2016-17 88
2017-18 83
2018-19 65

Faculty Membership

Sr.No Name of the Faculty Membership No.
01 Prof. R.M.Thakare 7180510459
02 Prof. P.G. Rasal 7130511117
03 Prof. V.A.Yewlikar 7190510053
04 Prof.Y.A.Kadam 7170511703

Student Body

Student Chairperson Mohit Rupeeja
Student Vice-Chairperson Deepali Varma
Student Secretary Neeraj Maklur
Student Advisor Sumant Rokade
Faculty Advisors Prof. P.G.Rasal
Prof. Y.A.Kadam
Prof. V.A.Yewalikar

SAE Student Members A.Y.- 2018-19

Sr. no. Name of SAE Student member Membership Number
1. Rohit Chavan 7160526023
2. Sanket Indalkar 7160526021
3. Abhinav Seta 7170533233
4. Pawan Kulkarni 7170532299
5. Harish Pawar 7170532325
6. Rajesh Gawas 7170532322
7. Pratik Manusmare 7170533170
8. Saransh Ahalawat 7170536859
9. Kedar Harpale 7160526024
10. AkashayKumar More 7160526025
11. Tejas Chengade 7160526029
12. Akshat Thoke 7160526030
13. Himkedar Jadhav 7180521296
14. Swapnil Phatak 7170536856
15. Pritish Sadhale 7180521282
16. Saurabh Bhalerao 7170533166
17. Guruprem Singh 7180523912
18. Aishwarya Moje 7180523957
19. Vivek Jadhav 7170533235
20. Rushikesh Ghadge 7180525975
21. Aniket Choudhari 7180525974
22. Shyam Patange 7180525973
23. Rohit Joshi 7180525972
24. Sai Bhandari 7180525971
25. Rushikesh Kulkarni 7180525970
26. Sanket Thorat 7180525969
27. Rohit Tapkir 7180526085
28. Omkar Shinde 7180526092
29. Hrushikesh Parikh 6150085966
30. Priya Deshmukh 7180524738
31. Shubham Pokale 7180524737
32. Pranav Shetkar 7180524878
33. Devendra Pansare 7160528960
34. Neeraj Maklur 7180527343
35. Vaidehi Kulkarni 7180527336
36. Bhakti Sagare 7180527340
37. Maitreya Ranjane 7180527335
38. Pratik Pawar 7180527338
39. Chinmay Dani 7180527341
40. Shreyas Kadam 7180527334
41. Shlok Gokhale 7180527339
42. Deepali Varma Yet to be received
43. Himanshu Rathi 7180527337
44. Tushar Jakhalekar 7180526080
45. Samarsinh Khanvilkar 7180526066
46. Nimish Khatavkar 7180526068
47. Samyak Shah Yet to be received
48. Shubham Mali 7180525980
49. Aniket Pawar 7180526784
50. Mohit Rupeeja 7180526785
51. Atharv Bhope 7180526787
52. Siddhes Jadhav 7180526788
53. Shaikh Amjad 7180526789
54. Sumit Huwale 7180526792
55. Abhishek Shirolkar 7180526793
56. Naveen Patro 7180526794
57. Himalay Raut 7180526795
58. Avishkar Agavane 7180526796
59. Swaram Jadhav 7180526797
60. Manthan Tanna 7160528961
61. Kunal Gaikwad 7180526860
62. Chaitanya Joshi 7180526865
63. Sameeran Hiray 7180526786
64. Abhijeet Darade-Patil 7180526798
65. Jayesh Mahesh Pandit 7180526791
Total Student Members- 65
Sr. No. Name of the activity Date
1. Inauguration of SAE Collegiate Chapter and Guru Poornima Celebration in association with MESA 27/07/2018
2. SAE Katta- Interactive session with Mr. Kunal Ganorkar 11/08/19
3. Organization of TechSpark 1 28- 29/08/18
4. Engineers’ Day and Teachers’ Day Celebration in association with MESA 19/09/18
5. Industrial visit to Ultra Engineers 24/09/18
6. Organization of Dignity of Labour 05/10/18
7. Organization of TechSpark 2 12/01/2019
8. SAE Katta- Interactive session with Mr. Siddhant Malani on entrepreneurship 18/01/2019


SAE Katta- Interactive session with Mr. Siddhant Malani on Traffic Violation & entrepreneurship
Day & Date: Friday, 18th January 2019.
SAE- Team members with Mr. Siddhant Malani
Mr. Malani interacting with the students Mr. Malani interacting with the students
Speaker: Mr. Siddhant Malani (Founder of C.L.A.S.S.)
Objectives: To make the students understand different technical terms through an interactive session and to exchange different ideas on starting-up their own business.
Outcome: The students were able to understand the meaning of: 1. Entrepreneurship 2. Innovation 3. Ideas to start their own business.
Summary report: The SAE Katta started with the discussion of Traffic Rules, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Some videos regarding traffic rules violation and accidents due to the same were shown to the students by the speaker. He discussed about the importance of following traffic rules like wearing helmets while driving, observing the correct lane while driving, etc. The discussion was then diverted to his entrepreneurial journey and discussing about the working of the app developed by him. By this app, any citizen can report to police control room, any traffic violation by any unknown Traffic rule violator.
Tech Spark 2019
Day & Date: Friday, 12th January 2019.
Students interacting with the guest Mr. Vinayak Gupchuk (Associate Vice-President at TATA technologies) & Prof. S.Y.Bhosale - HOD ( Mech)
Tech Spark- organizing team along with the Chief guest -Mr. Vinayak Gupchuk & faculty members.
Resource Person: Prof. P. G. Rasal and Prof. S. M. Ramnani.
Objectives: To expose participants to entrepreneurship, public speaking and presenting a project while introducing them to the concept of reverse engineering.
Outcome: The participants thoroughly enjoyed the event and had the first-hand experience of presenting a project in a completely different way. They were also able to hone their public speaking skills by receiving mixed feedbacks. Students learned
1) Communication skill.
2) Team work.
3) Technical knowledge.
4) Organization and Management Skills.
Summary report: About 37 participants presented their projects with simplistic yet effective explanations and PowerPoint presentations. Underlying principles of the reverse engineered product which students had understood, they explained it to the visitors in a nice way. This was evident from the feedback received.
Dignity of Labor
Day & Date: Friday, 5th October 2018. Students cleaning and dusting the machines and the instruments. Students cleaning and dusting the machines and the instruments.
Objective: To learn about different qualities such as teamwork, management, coordination, social responsibility and the importance of “Swatcha Bharat Abhiyan”-a movement initiated by our Hon. Prime Minister
Outcome: Students got the experience of cleaning our own study area which they never thought of doing before .They got to learn about different qualities from this event
1. Teamwork
2. Organization Management
3.Awareness of Social responsibility.
4. Dignity of labour--, Students realized that no work is big or small and that we must respect all workers who help us clean our college and surroundings.
Summary report: The activity was initiated by the S.A.E members and supported by M.E.S.A members under the leadership of Mohit Rupeeja and .Philip Tadke. During this activity students did cleaning of the machines in the labs, dusting of the instruments and different work tables and arranged them appropriately. This activity was carried out at the locations: - Heat transfer lab, Engine lab, SOM- lab, Workshop, Fluid Mechanics lab and TOM- lab.
Industrial Visit to Ultra Engineers
Day & Date: Monday, 24th September 2018
SAE students members along with Prof. Sagar Patil, at Ultra Engineers.
Token of appreciation given to Mr. Mukesh Nikam- Manager (HR)- Ultra Engineers
Resource Person: Mr. Mukesh Nikam Manager (HR) - Ultra Engineers
To get the practical knowledge about the working of different machines and what is industry expecting from the under graduated students.
Outcome: The students were able to gain more knowledge regarding their syllabus. The students learned about the practical knowledge about different machines: Vertical lathe machine, laser cutting machines and many more. Students learned-
1) Team work
2) Organization Skill
3) Communication
4) Witnessed Practical Skills
Summary report: 25 SAE student members went for the industrial visit to Ultra Engineers located at Bhosari MIDC, along with Prof. Sagar Patil. The students were shown Unit 5 and Unit 6 of the industry, which consisted of fabrication, laser cutting, paint shop, welding, heat treatment and machining processes.
Tech Spark 2018
Day & Date: Tuesday & Wednesday, 28th& 29 th August 2018
Inauguration by
Prof. S.Y.Bhosale (H.O.D-Mech), Prof.Ramnani and Prof.P.G.Rasal along with other faculty members.
Participants of Tech Spark, along with Principal- Prof. Dr. Mrs. K.R.Joshi, Vice Principal- Prof. Dr. Mrs. N.R. Kulkarni Vice Principal- Prof. Dr. Mrs. S.A. Itkar
Resource Person: Prof. P.G.Rasal and Prof. S.M Ramnani

To create curiosity in the engineering students by way of reverse engineering of any scrap household or day to day used appliances. And also to develop entrepreneurial skills by way of holding exhibition and creating social awareness by way of donating the collection.
Outcome: The participants thoroughly enjoyed the event and had the first-hand experience of presenting a product in a completely different way. They also developed skills like:- 1) Communication skill. 2) Team work. 3) Technical knowledge. 4) Organization and Management Skills. 5) Awareness of social responsibility
Summary report: About 50 participants presented their 20 exciting projects like:- 1) Captcha. 2) Universal Motor. 3) Auto switch. 4) BAJA- all terrain car. etc. With simplistic yet effective explanations and PowerPoint presentations, students explained the to the visitors underlying principles of the product they dismantled.
Day & Date: Saturday, 11th August 2018. Mr. Kunal Ganorkar explaining the JOHARI WINDOW. Mr.KunalGanorkar during the Q&A session SAE Collegiate chapter Students along with speaker- Mr. Kunal Ganorkar
Speaker: Mr. Kunal Ganorkar.
Objectives: The event was an interactive and informative session between the spokesperson and the students. The objective of the event was to discuss technical and non-technical topics related to the academics with the students, educating them and providing them with an interface of the industrial world.
Outcome: The event was an interactive session where students got a platform to learn qualities which were:-
  • Engineering knowledge.
  • Communication skills.
  • Team work.
Summary report: The SAE Katta was organized by the members of SAE Collegiate Chapter where Mr .Kunal Ganorkar was the speaker. He answered various questions of the students. He narrated how his personality got changed after his working in SAE Collegiate chapter, Traffic Parliament & further while doing Carpet business & job in Forbs Marshall. Also he shared with the audience, activity called “Johari Window.” The Johari Window is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with others and also help them to improve themselves.
Scooter Overhauling
Date & Day: Monday, 8th January 2018 Dismantled Scooter parts

Dismantled engine parts and tools
Resource Person: Prof. P.G. Rasal
Objective :
  • Learning the Assembly of scooter by rebuilding the scooter and to restore it to its working condition.
  • Students had the first time experience of performing a real mechanical task.
  • Students were able to understand the process of inserting the cables, cleaning the engine, carburetor and the other parts and assembling various components.
  • Students learned technical knowhow of scooter & also acquired motor skills.
Summary report:
Students completely dismantled old Bajaj Super scooter, including Engine. They also opened carburetor, Magneto, & wiring harness. After understanding the function of each part, they assembled it again. In this process of working with own hands, they acquired lot of technical knowledge & acquired motor skills. Workshop conducted on bike servicing and maintenance.
Technical Quiz
Date & Day: Wednesday, 24th January 2018 Participants and Organizers of Technical Quiz

Rapid Fire round
Objective :
  • To spread awareness about various general topics like traffic rules, basics of mechanics and programming etc.
  • The participants had fun and were able to gain more knowledge regarding general topics. Some of the questions stumped the very best of the participants and they were left guessing.
  • Participating students learned Group spirit &Technical knowledge Organizing students learned management & Communication skills
Summary report:
About 35 teams had participated in the quiz and were given a questionnaire containing 30 questions about traffic regulations, basics of programming, logical reasoning and other topics. 10 out of these teams had qualified for the rapid fire round and out of which only 5 teams went through the finals.
SAE Katta
Date & Day: Friday, 16 Feb 2018 Felicitation of Mr. Sanjeev Akshikar by Mr. Sham Ramanani

Students during the F.A.Q. Session
Resource Person : Mr. Sanjeev Akshikar
Project Manager - CAE ,Production Engineering Division
Tata Motors, Pimpri, Pune.
Working with Tata Technologies since March 1996. Deputed permanently to Tata Motors; worked in design, simulation and CAM. Prior to Tata He was with Bharat Forge, Mundhwa for 7 years working in Forging dies design and CAM.
Objective : To well acquaint students about the latest Design softwares used in Automobile Industries, the way of Production and different tests performed on the Car Models
Students got their doubts about car & industry cleared through discussion. Students were found satisfied & motivated at the end of the session as seen through their feedbacks.
Summary report:
  • 1. Mr. Sanjeev Akshikar, Project Manager - CAE (Production Engineering Division at Tata Motors, Pune), was present for a student interactive session at Modern College of Engineering.
  • The session commenced well on time. The anchors addressed the gathered students with a short introduction about the guest, SAE and our college after which Mr. Sanjeev Akshikar was requested to initiate the session.
  • The session was highly interactive with lot of activities and a load of doubts/queries from the students were solved. Mr. Sanjeev Akshikar emphasized on ‘Design Software processing’ and ‘Production and Manufacturing of Cars’. He spoke about the industrial approach towards problem solving and also informed us about various interesting career options in the field of Design and Automation.
The eager audience was enlightened with all available paths, having their misconceptions cleared and was all left with a satisfactory smile on each individual's face.
TechSpark 2018
Date & Day: Saturday, 17th February 2018 Inauguration by Prof.S.Y.Bhosale (HOD Mechanical)

Group photo of the Faculty, Organizing Team and the participants
Objective : To expose participants to entrepreneurship , public speaking, and presenting a project while introducing them to the concept of reverse engineering
  • The participants thoroughly enjoyed the event and had the first-hand experience of presenting a product in a completely different way. They were also able to hone their public speaking skills by receiving feedbacks.
  • We were able to make a net profit of Rs.1361
  • Participating students learned technical knowledge, Team work, and Communication skills. 2) Organizing students learned Organization & Management skills. Students also were made aware about their social responsibility.
Summary report:
About 40 participants presented their 15 exciting projects with simplistic yet effective explanations and PowerPoint presentations. They had understood the underlying principles of the product and impressed the teachers and guests alike with their efforts.
Few of the projects:- Digital Camera
Computer Hard Disk Drive,
T Remote Control,
Gas lighter,
Radio control Airplane,
Two Wheeler Engine assembly, Carburetor, Etc.