We at PES's Modern College of Engineering, have formed team "PEGASUS" since year 2007 under SAE(Society of Automotive Engineers). the members of which, regularly participate in events like-Baja, Supra, Go kart, Efficycle. etc.

"PEGASUS" means a divine, winged stallion in Greek mythology, which is also known as a flying horse god, depicted as pure white in color.

About SAE Collegiate Chapter

Society of Automotive Engineers- (SAE-International) is a professional body with its headquarter at New-York (United States). Its Objective is to bring together all institutions, scholars & industries working in mobilization field & give them a platform to exchange ideas, for the overall development in automobile/aerospace & heavy vehicles field. SAE- India is professional body, which is affiliated to SAE-International, & is having its headquarters at Chennai. Its operation is divided in 4 zones, with the western zone office located at ARAI, Pune. For involving the students, in their activities, they promote SAE collegiate chapter in various engineering colleges.

Education does not mean only bookish knowledge. For the overall development, students should take part in various extracurricular activities. SAE students chapter has been formed in the year 2006, at Mechanical Engg. Dept. of PES Modern College of Engineering, which offers students such platform for participation. Through this chapter various activities are carried out such as, Industrial visits, Guest lectures, Tech spark - Reverse Engineering based exhibition, Participation in Competitions like-Baja, Supra, Go kart, Efficycle. etc.

Baja, Supra, Gocart and Efficycle are such events where students

  • Can get out of book knowledge.
  • Can develop team spirit.
  • Can develop self-learning abilities.
  • Can get hands on experience and practical knowledge.
  • Can develop competitive spirit and judge their standing at all India level.
  • Can get better job opportunities.