Guardian scheme (GFM)

Guardian Faculty Member (GFM) scheme was introduced with an objective for overall development of students. This helps the Institute to monitor the progress of the students at a closer level. Under this scheme, 15-20 students are assigned to each faculty member who maintains a record of the academic progress. Faculty guardians conduct meetings with their student wards which help the students to develop comfort level with their faculty guardians and enable them to give the genuine feedback. The Teacher Guardian can calls for a meeting of the assigned students during fixed hours or at the convenience of both faculty and students. She/he can have meetings with the parents as and when required.

Meeting schedules and other activities are planned the suggestions and problems raised by students are compiled, discussed with authorities and remedial actions are taken. In these meetings faculty guardians also do the evaluation of their wards in terms of their sincerity and performance in classes and send this progress report to their parents. Parents have shown keen interest in this scheme and stated that this scheme is benefiting in overall development of students. This practice is followed to make the students comfortable as they have a single contact point for any of the queries or problems.

Objectives of this scheme are:

  • Provides information about career opportunities and availability of educational resources
  • Helps students to cope with any difficulties in learning
  • Counsels the students having personal problems, if any and if required
  • Supports to improve Interpersonal relationships
  • Becomes a link between parents and the teachers.
  • Creates awareness about professional ethics and conduct
  • Creates awareness about Anti ragging Act