Foxcodes Campus Club of E&TC MCOE

Club Established: 1stOctober, 2016.

Mozilla's mission is to ensure the internet and its technologies are a global public source. So people around the world will effectively use internet and its technologies. In Mozilla Campus Club, group of college students meet regularly to advance Mozilla’s mission by leading and participating in activities that TEACH, BUILD and PROTECT this technological advancements in an inclusive and engaging environment.

To achieve Mozilla’s mission, Foxcodes Campus Club is established in college. Promote and grow digital literacy is main objective for establishing this club. In this club, students meet to achieve mission of club.


  • To aware digital literacy to the student.
  • To make Internet is a as a resource and it is open and accessible to all.
  • To take activities that will promote effective use web


  • Students will get aware of effective use of internet
  • Students will get knowledge of various new technologies by participating in various activities

Activities at Glance:

Following are the activities completed till date:

Academic year Date of event Activity name No of students participated
2018-19 (till date) 09/01/2019 12/01/2019 IoT Hackathon 79
2017-18 16/02/2018 Cyber Security Seminar 120
12/02/2018 & 17/02/2018 IoT Hackathon 14 Groups
2016-17 17/01/2017 Internet of Things 160
01/10/2016 Mozilla mission and web analytics 21