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Title of the Activity:Seminar on “Managing the Workplace”

Thursday, 10/03/2022

Brief Description:

The seminar on "Managing the Workplace" was organized by the MBA Department, Modern College of Engineering, Pune-5, on 10th March 2022 from 11:00am to 1:30pm. The session was conducted by Mr. Satish J. Kalokhe, President (Emeritus) of Quality Circle Forum of India. The session helped students to understand, how the concept of 5-S help each and every individual to change for the better. Mr. Satish emphasized on the concept of "TRAIN TO DO, DO TO LEARN AND LEARN TO COACH" which can be achieved by practicing 5-S in our routine life. Mr. Satish Sir also spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of 5-S concept. 5-S is a Japanese concept - Wherein each "S" denotes a word from Japanese Language - Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke, in English meaning Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain respectively. At the end of the session, students understood that Quality is an important aspect, as Quality comes from Quality conscious person only.

Title of the Activity:Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development

Monday, 21/02/2022

Brief Description:

The workshop was started with a session by Mr. Ashish Bhave, Founder of WPH Services Pvt. Ltd. He spoke on skill building by budding entrepreneurs. He stressed upon the power of money and happiness in the life of entrepreneur and what should be done to have money in an ethical manner to get all the happiness in life. The second session was taken by Dr. Shantanu Deshpande, CEO and Managing Director of Ignite Educon Pvt. Ltd. He spoke on entrepreneurial mindset, his attitudes and what behaviour should he adopt which will bring growth in the organization. He started with the history of entrepreneurship and then delved into the attitudes and behaviour development of an entrepreneur.

Title of the Activity:A Session on Financial Planning and Pension Scheme by LIC of India

Thursday, 10th March 2022

Brief Description:

The session was very interactive and thrown lights on –

  • Mr. Deepak Chavan focused mainly on the financial planning aspects for the young generation in his session
  • Elaborate on the importance of financial planning
  • Details about the various schemes available.
  • Emphasis on the various schemes under LIC
  • Pension scheme and early implementation of the same during work life.

Title of the Activity: Management an Agile perspective

Tuesday, 28th December 2021

Brief Description:

The session was started with story of toilets for executives. The session was very interactive and thrown lights on –

  • Managers meaning in Sanskrit shlok.
  • Facets of management since ancient times.
  • STOP Model for Lean and Agile approach.
  • Concept of Dunbars number.
  • Importance of cross functional teams.

The session was converted into a more lively platform by discussion on case study of Poona Management Association (PMA) as lean & Agile approach.

  • Meaning of management in every part of life.
  • Types of jobs in world.
  • Management is more databased than experience.
  • Work factor and time factor for agile approach.

Title of the Activity: A Guest lecture on ‘Ignite the Spark’

Thursday, 23/12/2021

Brief Description:

A session on ‘Ignite the Spark’ was conducted by Mr. Sunil Patil on 23rd December 2021. This session was conducted for new batch of MBA (2021-23) students to ignite the spark in them and to explore to the new world of education. Students got motivated with the session. Mr. Patil encouraged the students to accept the new challenges. Also, he delivered the importance & value of time in the today’s world. He motivated the students with the warm-up sessions through some of the interactive activities. This warm-up activity was much needed for the students to boost energy in them after a long-time gap of Covid-19 pandemic. All the students thoroughly enjoyed the session. Mr. Patil also touched on the areas like Positive attitude, Importance of Time in today’s Era, Importance of MBA, Healthy food & Lifestyle etc.

Title of the Activity: Library Orientation for new batch 2021-23

Wednesday, 29/12/2021

Brief Description:

The Library Orientation program offers first year students an introduction to the library’s resources and services. the program also provides the platform for database searching. In this context, A session on ‘Library Orientation’ was conducted by Dr. Sandhya Shinde, Librarian on 29th December 2021 at 11.00 am. This session was conducted for new batch of MBA (2021-23) students to orient them for the library usage and to explore the rich & varied resources available in the central library. Students were taken to the virtual tour of library by Dr. Sandhya Shinde. She also encouraged the students to read more reference books which is important to update the knowledge in today’s world. Also, she delivered a wonderful presentation about the usage of e-resources through the library software in the ERP. A detailed hand-on was shared by her about the library software. Students are also well informed about the different resources available at the Library like EBSCO, J- Gate etc.