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Applied Thermodynamics & IC Engines Lab

Name of Laboratory: Applied Thermodynamics & I C engines Lab Area: 186.2 Sq.m
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Steam Section Charts
2 Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Set up
3 Two stage reciprocating air compressor set up
4 Multicylinder Petrol engine set up
5 Bomb Calorimeter
6 Spring loaded Safety value model
7 Dead weight safety value model
8 Combined high steam and low water safety valve model
9 Water level indicator model
10 Steam stop valve model
11 Feed check valve model
12 Pressure gauge model
13 Green's economizer model
14 Sudgen Super heater model
15 Solex Carburetor model
16 S.U. Carburetor model
17 Fuel Pump model
18 Magneto Battery Electronic ignition system of I.C.Engine
19 Refrigeration cycle Test Rig
20 Air Conditioning Cycle Test Rig
21 Rotary Positive Displacement Compressor
22 Flash & Fire point Apparatus
23 Models of supercharger & Turbocharger
24 Exhaust gas Analyzer
25 Kirloskar make mono block pump set model KDS 116 ++ Sr. No 74 D010004 1 HP single phase 220 V 50 CRS
26 Single phase starter for above purpose
27 Simod2u(Japan) make balance type POL 220N Electronic digital Weighing Scale Sr No 045500017 220gms max least Count / accuracy 0:001gm(1mg) demo and trials given
28 Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Set up
29 Centrifugal Pump cut section
30 Petrol Engine Cut Section (Motorized )
31 Digital Temperature Indicator 4 1/2 digit along with PT-100 sensor (12long)
32 Torque meter for 62.5 KVA / 50KW D.G.Set
33 KOEL -Green make 62.51KVA / 50 KW Diesel generating set with sound proof canopy & Test Rig Eqpt complete turnkey project
34 Steam Power plant steam,600kg, working pressure 10.54 kgkm2, Design Pressure- 17.5 kg/cm2, Hyd Test pressure 26.25 kg/cm2, Thermal efficiency 90+21-2% Based on Nev Fuel consumption 33kg/hr, Burner Control-on/off Power Supply-3ph/4153 AC/50HZ/4 Wire with neutral connected load 3KW
35 Vane Type Anemometer
36 Infrared Temp Meter
37 Stroboscope
38 Screw HCH 127 MBARE Compressor Assembly
39 Differential gear box-cut section
40 Fuel injector (Bosch types) cut section
41 Fuel Pump (Beach types) cut section
42 Gear box for Assembly & disassembly
43 Roots blower cut section
44 Refrigeration compressor cut section
45 Screw jack
46 Fin type radiator cut section
47 Reduction Gear Box
48 Shell & tube heat exchanger
49 Vane compressor cut section
50 Synchromesh gear box cut section
51 Variable speed drive
52 Shoe brake cut section
53 Disc break cut section
54 Machine elements
55 Boy’s Gas Calorimeter
56 Flash & Power point apparatus
I.C.Engine Lab
I.C.Engine Lab


Name of Laboratory: BME Lab Area: 30 Sq.m
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Babcock & Wilcox Boiler Model
2 Working Model Of 2-Stroke Petrol Engine
3 Working Model Of 4-Stroke Diesel Engine
4 Refrigeration Charts
5 Automobile Engineering-I Charts
6 Hydraulic Charts
7 Automobile Charts
8 Section of Valves
9 Needle Valve
10 Globe Valve
11 Diaphragm Valve
12 Gate Valve
13 Check Valve
14 Pressure Regulating Valve
15 Cut models of Centrifugal pump
16 Cut model of Vane Pump
17 Cut model of Reciprocating Pump
18 Cut model of Screw compressor
19 Cut model of 4 Cylinder, 4 Stroke diesel engine (motorized) real model
20 Clutch Assembly
21 Misc. components want shaft cam shaft Gear piston ring control valves cylinder head etc
22 Forged component
23 Centrifugal Clutch (Cut Sect. Model)
24 Cone Clutch Cone Sect. Model
25 Multiplate Clutch cut sect. model
4 Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig

Metallurgy Lab

Name of Laboratory: Metallurgy Lab Area: 87.3 Sq.m
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Universal Testing Machine
2 Vickers cum Brinell Hardness Tester
3 Rockwell and Rockwell superficial hardness tester
4 Poldi hardness Tester
5 Impact Testing machine
6 Eric son Cupping Test Machine
7 Ultrasonic flow Detector
8 Fluorescent dye penetrant kit
9 Portable Hardness Tester
10 Sulpher printing set up
11 Standard specimen set
12 Trinocular Microscope
13 Binocular Microscope
14 Disc polisher single disc
15 Std. specimen set
16 Grabber Card & Software CD
17 Specimen mounting m/c
18 Rockwell Hardness Tester
19 Vickers Hardness Tester
20 Universal Testing Machine
21 Impact Testing machine
Metellurgy Lab
Metellurgy Lab

Theory of Machines Lab

Name of Laboratory: TOM Lab Area: 95.5 Sq.m
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Crank and Rocker Mechanism
2 Oldham’s coupling
3 Locomotive Coupling Rod
4 Ackerman Steering Gear
5 Crank And slotted mechanism
6 Epicyclic gear train apparatus
7 Involute gear troth profile
8 Cam & follower models
9 Cut models of Industrial gear box
10 Kinematics of gears
11 Expt. Set up to find the torque
12 Slip & creep measuring of belt drive
13 Synchromesh Gear Box
Theory of Machines Lab
Theory of Machines Lab

Fluid Mechanics/ IFP Lab

Name of Laboratory: FM Lab Area: 95.5 Sq.m
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Metacentric Height Apparatus
2 Reynolds Apparatus
3 Bernoulli’s Apparatus
4 Calibration of Venturi & Orifice meter Apparatus
5 Losses in Pipe Fitting Apparatus
6 Pressure Measuring Devices
7 Heleshaw Apparatus
8 Redwood Viscometer
9 Flow through Pipe App
10 Study of impact of jet & flow through notch
Name of Laboratory: IFP Lab Area: 95.5 Sq.m
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Transparent Hydraulic Trainer
2 Pneumatic Trainer
3 Vane Pump test Rig
Fluid machinary lab
Industrial fluid power lab
Industrial fluid power lab

Heat Transfer Lab

Name of Laboratory: HT Lab Area: 81.49 Sq.m
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Temperature distribution on fin surface Apparatus
2 Critical heat flux apparatus
3 App. To determine Stephan BOLTZMANS constant
4 App. To determine the thermal conductivity of different material in composite wall
5 Centrifugal blower test rig
6 Determination of thermal Conductivity of insulating power
7 Determination of thermal conductivity of metal rod
8 App. For Calibration of thermocouple
9 App. to determine the emissivity of surface
10 Parallel & counter flow heat exchanger
11 Barometer
12 Heat Transfer equipment. Apparatus" Composite wall" comprising
Heat Transfer Lab
Heat Transfer Lab
Heat Transfer Lab

Turbo Machines Lab

Name of Laboratory: TMC
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Impact of Jet Apparatus
2 Pelton Wheel Test Rig
3 Francis Turbine Test Rig
4 Centrifugal Pump Test Rig
5 Gear Pump Test Rig
6 Rotary Air Compressor Test Rig
7 Centrifugal Blower Test Rig
8 Cut Section models of Gas Turbine - (02 Nos.)
9 Cut Section models of Centrifugal Pump - (02 Nos.)
10 Cut Section models of vane Pump - (01 Nos.)
Pneumatic Actuator & cut sections Of VALVE

Dynamics of Machinery Lab

Name of Laboratory: DOM Lab Area: 57.81 Sq.m
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Vibration Apparatus
2 Universal Governor
3 Cam Analyzer
4 Static & Dynamic Balancing M/C
5 Whirling Of Shaft
6 Motorized Gyroscope
7 Shock Absorber Test Rig
8 Journal Bearing Test Rig
10 Study Of Flow The Nozzle & Diffuser
11 Peizo - Electric Vibration Sensor
Dynamics of Machinery Lab

CAD-CAM-CAE & Automation Lab

Mechanical Department has methodically developed Computer Aided Engineering lab which is well equipped with sufficient computers with LAN, Internet connectivity and different CAD-CAM-CAE software with dedicated servers to the engineering students making them adaptive to technical challenges. The department is equipped with organized Laboratory to impart practical knowledge to the students.

Sr.No. Description Computing Facilities Number of Users
1 CATIA-V5 R22 25 User Licenses
2 Pro/E WILDFIRE 4.0 300 User Licenses
3 SOLIDWORKS 2013 60 User Licenses (300 Floating)
4 AUTODESK Education Master Suits 2013 (From AICTE) 125 User Licenses
5 ANSYS 11.0 25 User Licenses
6 ANSYS 14.0 with CFD 25 User Licenses
7 MASTERCAM 5.0 Software 20 User Licenses
8 IntelliCAD Educational Software’s Full Version 500 User Licenses
CAD-CAM-CAE & Automation Lab
CAD-CAM-CAE & Automation Lab
CAD-CAM-CAE & Automation Lab

Metrology and Quality Control Lab

Name of Laboratory: MQC Lab Area: 15.87 Sq.m
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Floating Carriage micrometer EDM-100
2 Dial indicator-0.01(Baker Make)
3 Slip Gauge box83 pcs., grade 1
4 block-4
5 ernier height gauge (300mm) L.C.=0.02mm
6 Combination set
7 Gear tooth ernier caliper
8 Sine center(200mm)
9 Dial stand(100mm)
10 Monochromatic light Unit
11 Specimen set include 6 test surfaces
12 Fit box(10 Ring gauge & 9 Plug gauge
13 Sine Bar(200mm)
14 Demonstration gauge kit(12 gauge)
15 Straight edge
16 Profile Projector EdU-400
17 Angle Gauge Set
18 Rhombus Shaped toggle type screw jack with complete assembly
19 Cotter joint
Metrology and Quality Control Lab
Metrology and Quality Control Lab
Metrology and Quality Control Lab

Steam Power Lab

Name of Laboratory: Steam Power
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Boiler Plant With Steam Turbine & Generator
2 Solar Water Heater Plant
Steam Power Lab
Steam Power Lab
Steam Power Lab

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab

Name of Laboratory: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 Vapor Compression Test Rig
2 Heat Pipe
3 Air Conditioning Test Rig
4 Vapor Absorption Test Rig
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab

Machatronics Lab

Name of Laboratory: Machatronics
Sr.No. Name of Equipment's
1 LVDT-for measurement of linear displacement
2 Different Temperature Controller & Sensors
3 PID controller for exact temperature control in process
4 Load cell to study strain gauge characteristics
5 Accelerometer for vibration measurement
6 A to D & D to A converter
7 PLC set up for automatic filling of tank
8 Hydraulic trainer kit
9 Various Op-amp circuits for study of IC 741 in various configurations
10 Microcontroller for study purpose with various operating commands
Machatronics Lab
Machatronics Lab