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Research Activities

Completion of Ph.D.:

Ph.D. Completed: 4
Ph.D. Pursuing: 9

Staff Completed Ph.D.

1. Dr. S.Y. Bhosale 2020 Sri Satya Sai University of Technology & Medical Sciences, Sehore, MP. Heat Transfer
2. Dr. J. S. Gawande 2014 Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amrawati Renewable Energy Sources, Sustainable Energy
3. Dr. G.S. Modak 2018 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Design Engineering, Kinematics
4. Dr. S.P. Nalavade 2020 Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Convection Heat Transfer

Staff Pursuing Ph.D.

1. Mr. S.V. Gosavi College of Engineering Pune, SPPU. Friction Stir Welding
2. Mr. N.B. Patil Trinity College of Engineering & Research Pune.SPPU. Nanoparticles effect on lubricants
3. Mr. A.S. Tumane Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research Badnera. Amravati University. Numerical Simulation of Turbomachinery Applications
4. Mr. K. R. Kapadani D.Y. Patil University, Ambi, Pune. Alternative Fuels, Combustion Analysis
5. Mrs. S.K. Veer Trinity College of Engineering & Research,Pune.SPPU. Tribology
6. Mr. H.N. Deshpande GHRCEM, Pune, SPPU. Thermal Engineering
7. Mr. Y.Y.More Sardar Patel College of Engineering Andheri, Mumbai University. Digital Manufacturing
8. Mr.S.R.Patil Vishwakarma University, Pune. Soft Robotics
9. Mr. S.B.Bhalke G.H. Raisoni,Wagholi Pune. Heat Transfer Enhancement

Staff and Student Publications

A.Y. International/ National Journal International/ National Conference
2016-2017 17 03
2017-2018 16 09
2018-2019 38 04
2019-2020 20 01

BCUD Projects:

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Member Title of the Research Projects Funding agency Status of project
1 Prof. S. G. Taji Mixed Convection From Horizontal fin array University of Pune (BCUD/OSD/390-2010) Completed
2 Prof. S. M. Ramnani Solar Photo Voltaic for UPS charging BCUD, Pune Completed

Research Project Sponsored By BCUD:

The author Prof. S. G. Taji would like to acknowledge the University of Pune (India) for funding the project. The research has been carried out under the project grant no. BCUD/OSD/390-2010. Rs. 2 Lacs have been sanctioned by BCUD (University of Pune) for the development of experimental set up for natural and assisting mode of mixed convection. It includes control panels, Thermocouples, Data Logger, DC Fan, Hotwire anemometer, Micrometer, Enclosure, Siporex and Fin array assembles for the heat transfer and fluid flow study.

Details of Research Work is as shown in Figures below:

Control Panel for Mixed Convection

Control Panel for Mixed Convection

Computerised Experimental Set Up

Computerised Experimental Set Up

Data logger readings Monitor

Data logger readings Monitor

Experimental Set Up with different bell mouth

Experimental Set Up with different bell mouth

The principal investigator, Prof. S. G. Taji has presented research work at regional Research Conferences as mentioned below:

  • Mixed convection from horizontal rectangular fin array, Regional Research Conference, University of Pune, BCUD, at P.D.V.V.P.C.O.E., Ahmednagar, India, 21-22 March, INNOVATION (2012).
  • Experimental and numerical study of mixed convection from horizontal rectangular fin array, Regional Research Conference, University of Pune, BCUD, at RSCOE, India, 18-19 April, INNOVATION (2013).

Collaborative Research Projects: Some of the live projects undertaken by our students in various industries.

Sr. No Name Of The Faculty Member/ PG Students Title Of The Collaborative Research Projects Funding Agency Status of Project
1 Mr. Pravin Tilekar
Guide- Prof.S.Y.Bhosale
Deployment of Thermo Electric vehicle Cooling module TATA MOTORS Pune Completed
2 Mr. Candy Bhavsar
Guide- Prof. S.D.Mahajan
Optimization Of  Vehicle Cooling Module TATA MOTORS Pune Completed
3 Mr. Ravi Kumar
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Deployment of scroll compressor on Air Conditioning system of SUV TATA MOTORS Pune Completed
4 Mr. Prasad Deshpande
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Thermal energy audit of glass fiber industry TOLANI Maritimes Completed
5 Mr. Ankush Pawar
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Performance Assessment Of Perforated Fin Array TOLANI Maritimes Completed
6 Mr.Amit R Patil
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Experimental analysis of composite additives on diesel fuel emission and performance Self Completed
7 Ms.Snehal Pachegaonkar
Guide- Prof. S.D.Mahajan
Performance analysis of double pipe heat exchanger with annular twisted tape insertion Self Completed
8 Mr. Vinod Wankar
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of Single & Sliding Chimney Flow Pattern On Rectangular Fin Array Under Natural Convection Self Completed
9 Mr.S.S Wankhede
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Experimental Investigation for heat transfer from rectangular notch fin array under natural & forced convection. Self Completed
10 Mr. Mohammad Amin
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Theoretical Analysis of finned tube condenser for residential A/C by R161 Self Completed
11 Mr. H.N.Deshpande
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Experimental Study of Heat Transfer From Horizontal Rectangular Fins With Perforations Under Force Convection Dominating Mode of Mixed Convection Self Completed
12 Ms.S D Redkar
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
A thermal & numerical analysis of sinusoidal shape tube insert in tube heat exchanger Self Completed
13 Ms. Sonal A Kanade
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Calibration of Butterfly Valve Self Completed
14 Mr. Shashank Chaudhari
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Heat Transfer Enhance In Double Pipe Heat Exchanger  Using Coil Insertion Self Completed
15 Mr. Ram Deshmukh
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Augmentation Of Natural Convection Over Forced Convections Self Completed
16 Mr. Swapnil S. Kulkarni
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Finite Element Analysis Of Reformer Nozzle Model In Heat Transfer Applications Self Completed
17 Mr. Yogesh M. Kalke
Guide- Prof. S.G. Taji
Analysis Of Steam Control Valve Using CFD Techniques And Its Validations Self Completed
18 Mr.Mutalikdesai Sachin
Guide- Prof. S.D.Mahajan
Experimental Investigation of oil fired Boiler for different steam Generation rate Self Completed
19 Ms.Megha Shete
Guide - Prof. A.D. Desai
Design And Development To Evaluate Performance Of Heat Pipes In Different Orientation For Mould Cooling Application. Self Completed
20 Mr. S. Y. Bhosale
Guide - Prof. A.D. Desai
Experimental Investigation of HT Using Porous Fins PES MCOE Completed
21 Mr. Jalider A. Kute
Guide- Prof. A.D. Desai
Performance Evaluation Of Central Air Conditioning System With And Without Heat Pipe For Hot And Humid Conditions Self Completed
22 Mr. Vishal D. Chaudhary
Guide- Prof. A.D. Desai
Performance Evaluation Of Vacuum Pump System Self Completed
23 Mr. Ajinkya G. Bhide
Guide- Prof. J.P.Zope
Mathematical Modeling Of Parabolic Through Solar Collector And Its Experimental Validations And Calculation Of Absorber Tube Emissivity Of Horizontal Heat Loss Model Self Completed
24 Mr. Abhijit A. Gaikwad
Guide- Prof. J.P.Zope
Analysis Of Rectangular Micro Channels Under Forced Convection Heat Transfer Self Completed