Metamorph Club

The Metamorph Club is formed by the MBA students for their all round development. Today’s graduates lack proper training and confidence. Hence there is a need to bridge this gap. The main idea behind formation of this club is to prepare students for the present job market and make them proficient in communication and soft skills. The activities of the club also serves to inspire and motivate students for excellence in every sphere of life.


  • To enhance the employability factor of the students by providing them inputs related to developing their competencies
  • To nurture collaborative and networking skills in students


The goal of the club is to bring about a complete metamorphosis of the students after taking the admission for MBA course. It is to prepare the students in communication skills, soft skills and presentation skills by providing training and special guidance, so that the students’ employability is enhanced, they can compete well in the job market and become industry ready to face the new challenges being encountered in their professional careers and take right decisions in life. Another objective of this club is empowering the students to cope with emotions and stress.


Prof. Pallavi N. Shintre