Lack of motivation and enthusiasm in college student is directly related to poor performance and low graduation rates. This club is to inspire our students to learn and achieve more than their curriculum to enhance their character. Today’s youth are the most empowered generation ever, having control over the choices they make as young consumers, how they spend their time, and how much effort to put into college – we need to give them a forum to express themselves and make their thoughts on current affairs and learning known.


The Prerna Club aims at providing ethics and value education that sensitizes students towards social issues and encourages them to contribute for society


The Objectives of the Environmental Club are:
  1. Prerna club objective is to inspire to create positive change, gain real-world insight into leadership, and are challenged to lead in a way that brings out the best in others.
  2. To educate the student and community on local, national and global social issues and matters of concern;
  3. To initiate and encourage society friendly policies and practices;
  4. To, when possible, form connections and work with individuals and groups outside of the college.
  5. To promote appreciation of the social resources through talks, exhibitions and outdoor activities.


  • Students have gained knowledge about their roots and cultural treasury.
  • Actions have taken to improve the local environment.
  • Students have worked to solve many local problems such as sanitation, IT awareness.
  • Members aware and educate residents about the social issues.
  • Student learned organization procedures and team work.
ॐ राष्ट्राय स्वाहा, इदं राष्ट्राय इदं न मम

Prerna Club Committee

The Prerna club consist of the departmental Activity coordinator and student representatives.
The Committee shall: 
  • Meet twice a semester for general discussions of the club’s activities and plans;
  • Plan the club’s program and activities for the following year;
  • Determine each year, in consultation with the active members of the Club, meeting dates and times for the year, and revise the meeting schedule as necessary

Prerna Club Committee (2018-19)

Prof. Kaustubh Kapadani (committee Head)
Student Representatives


Everyone is welcome to attend meetings of the Prerna Club and to take part in its various activities, and membership is open to all students, staff of the college and residents also.

The initial membership list should have each academic year shall consist of the members of the club elected the previous year and all those who indicate, their desire to be members of the club.

Active members are those members who have attended 50% of the club events during the year. An event shall constitute a meeting, activity, outing, or actively working to plan and/or execute a major activity.  The event incharge shall record attendance at each event on the back of used.