Cultural Report Spandan

Spandan - 2018
Day & Date : Friday , 19th January

Venue : Ganesh Kala Krida Mancha , Pune.
Session conducted by: P.E.S Modern College of Engineering
Objectives :
  1. Inculcating value system among students through active participation in various cultural activities.
  2. To pursue quest of excellence, personal and professional success with an understanding and appreciation of ethical behavior, social responsibility and diversity, both as individuals and in team environments.
Summary of the Activity/Event:
  1. Singing :- 1st Prize - Rupankar Chatterji.
  2. Dance :- 1st Prize - Abhijeet Pawar.
  3. Dance :- 2nd Prize - Sharddha Sandhansive & Pratiksha Pakire
  4. Spandan Natya Spardha :- Winners :- Boycott The Conclusion
  5. Departmental Dance : Winners :- Computer Department
Outcomes :
  • Improved ways of expressions of emotions with increased levels of confidence.
  • Discovery of hidden talent and qualities.
  • Enhanced level of imagination and thinking ability.