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Students Experiences

Yash Kale

T.E. Information Technology

When it comes to being a good Engineer, Department plays a vital role in shaping student's future. Speaking of which our faculty members are very knowledgeable and they truly help and support students not just in studies but considering all other personal factors as well during this pandemic. It is a great experience studying here!


S.E. Information Technology

This is my first year in IT department, and I am very happy to be the part of it as many online activities took place during the online sessions. Teachers teach us with full enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit and the best part is they entertain our doubts as well. We also gain interest during lectures due to conduction of online quizzes and they support us a lot by providing study materials. We are very glad to have supportive teachers in our department


T.E. Information Technology

I am an IT engineering student and I chose this course because this is my area of interest. The best thing about this course is we get every facility in our department. The department labs and classrooms are clean. There are separate labs for each and every subject. The college also has a Wi-Fi facility. The college library has a variety of books on every subject. Department faculty is good enough. The faculty is highly qualified and specialized in their respective subjects. The teachers are friendly, cooperative and really helpful. Their teaching style is beautiful and easy to understand. They always encourage students to enhance their skills in as many different ways as possible. There are technical events like M-pulse under which many events take place.


S.E. Information Technology

I am Amit Jain, studying in SE, IT department. I would like to share my experience about the IT Department. Firstly I have not entered the department physically but I never felt that because the staff and teaching faculties made a lot of efforts and provided us the experience of being in the department itself. The department uses "Google for Education" software for online teaching. Many online activities were conducted by the department .We had many activities organized by the department's clubs like Graphix Club, PixInsight Club. We got opportunities to join different clubs and participate in different activities. In Online teaching and learning teachers taught us using interesting ways using ppts, videos and live interactive sessions for doubts solving. The teachers supported a lot and were always ready to help. They provided us best notes and conducted online practicals. The teachers acted like pillars and helped us to build our foundations.


B.E. Information Technology

Our Department provides all the necessary things that are required to enhanced our technical skills. Also, Faculties are very friendly. Our Department has best management among all of Departments.



I feel very lucky being a student at MCOE E&TC and thankful because the past 3 years has taught me and inspired me to always accept challenges and overcome the shortfalls to become a better version of myself. All the experiences I had has only taught me to learn, improvise and succeed. I have always been part of college activities like Rotaract, M-PULSE and SPANDAN, department clubs and activities like TEESA, IEEE, E-Yantra, Fox Codes Campus Club and also been in the committee to contribute my best by taking leadership roles. Let it be participating in the Hackathon or cyber awareness programs, conducting workshops to participating in project competitions, actively taking internship trainings has all together made me what I am today and I can proudly say that I took every opportunity possible and achieved something higher, better. All this was possible because of the constant interest by my teachers and their belief in me.



It is a splendid experience as a student of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at PES MCOE. Here, I learnt that success is a journey and not a destination and PES MCOE has been consistent in making this journey fruitful. All the teachers are extremely supportive. They always provided us with amazing opportunities and challenges that made us more capable of solving problems outside the realm of textbooks. The college regularly organizes workshops and competitions to help students learn new skills. Being part of various clubs has not only improved my technical skills but also interpersonal skills. There are limitless extra-curricular activities which provide a platform to showcase students' talents beyond academics. Overall, PES MCOE has not only helped me be a good engineer but also a good person.


BE Electrical

I pursuing my B.E. in Electrical Engineering at PES MCOE. This course having very comprehensive curriculum which include most of the technical elements. With well-equipped labs and highly experienced staff, it helps me to improve my technical skills. I am also be the member of different departmental clubs (Seeds of hope club, Techno fuel Club). I was also selected as a “Outside Ambassador” from our college for BHAU I2I (2019-20). I am also in the BOD of “Rotaract Club of Electrical MCOE Metro” as a Professional Development Director (2020- 21). Department having its ED cell which helps me to develop leadership and communication skills. Department Organized various Industrial Visits which enhance our practical knowledge and also organized expert lectures on different topics which is really helpful. It is my honour to be a student of PES MCOE.


BE Electrical Engineering

I am currently in the final year of my Electrical Engineering degree. The Bachelor in Electrical Engineering is one of the best offered by the institution. The main reason why I selected to study here was because of its convenient location in the heart of the city, and writing this today I know I made the right choice because this college is so much more than that! One aspect that really stands out is the kindness and openness of the teachers. No matter what issues you have, teachers are more than willing to help you. The college organises a plethora of events, from technical to recreational, you name it all! These events are the perfect way for one to improve their skills and meet new people. The institution also has ties with leading engineering organisations such as IEEE and IET. In fact, I was also invited to attend a conference organised by IET in Bangalore, which was fully sponsored for! Everyone is provided with equal opportunities and respect, irrespective of your background, so much so that I am proud to call PESMCOE as my second home! :)


BE Electrical

I pursed my Graduation in Electrical Engineering from PES Modern College of Engineering. Electrical Engineering is one of the good course offered in this College. College provides a well -structured curriculum to cover the syllabus offered along with practical implementation of the knowledge in industrial world. Our College encouraged us to learn and hone our skills in curricular as well as cultural and social activities. The Department and it's staff supported and assisted in our difficult times and they also encouraged us to perform well in our career . Mentors and Head of the department pay a keen attention towards individual’s progress and difficulties if they arise whether it may be personal or curricula. One of my achievements is overcoming my stage fear. The ambience of Department and the Social platform provided by College (Team NSS) helped me overcome most of the weaknesses. The various Technical and Non - technical activities conducted at our college helped us to inculcate teamwork, discipline and leadership skills within us. I feel proud to be part of PES MCOE. I would really miss these Graduation years for like.



Studying at MCOE has given me a totally different outlook on how you can approach studies, and I have learnt to come up with more practical and brain-stimulating solutions as you are expected to analyze live cases of companies. I really learnt a variety of courses offered by MCOE. Apart from getting personal attention, the lively interaction with faculty members is very comfortable. I really like their way of teaching and learning because the assignments and exams, throughout the term, emphasize on continuous learning. It is an incredible learning experience, both inside and outside the classroom at the Campus. I am a more confident person now. All this has been possible because of the experience and exposure to industry that I got in MCOE.



Studying at MCOE is a great opportunity, especially for students who come from the rural background like me. I have learnt a lot of new things here which I am sure will help me in my career ahead. I am fortunate to be a student of MCOE as it helped me to showcase my hidden talent in different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I have been a part of social initiatives conducted by the MBA department.


Computer Engineering

As we all are living in the Information age, new and latest computer technologies have become a must to all. In this regards, our department has helped us to be up to date with these future technologies such as AI, ML, Data Science, Cyber Security, Android and many more. Apart from this we also got opportunities to participate in various Technical/Non-Technical Events organized in our college such as Code fiesta, M-Pulse etc. and I am proud to be a part of these events as a technical member. Also, to sharpen our skill set we were given many internships offers in various Tech Companies. Lastly, I would really like to thank Principal Mam, HOD Mam and all the staff member for encouraging us and keeping us motivated throughout the year.

Thank You,
Aditya Kharat


Computer Engineering

I am Hardika Doshi, final year student of Computer Engineering Department. Even during the Covid times where we had to stay at home and keep on with our studies, the guidance and support from them was indeed appreciable. I have participated in both Technical as well as co-curricular activities at the college. The technical activities and the various guest sessions conducted helped me to understand my field and also helped me to enhance my skills. I have also participated for various certifications that helped me in the campus placements and got placed in Persistent systems. In the co-curricular activities, I had participated in Firodiya Karandak twice where we were the 2nd Runner ups. It really was a spell bound experience. It has helped me with my soft skills and also enhanced the team spirit. Overall my experience at college has been very grooming with a friendly and a happy environment focused on the all round development of the student.

Thank You,
Hardika Doshi


Mechanical Department
  • M-Pulse (Modern Pulse): A technical event for all engineering students (both conducting and participating).
  • Spandan: Dance, singing and drama competition on college level
  • NSS (National Social Service)
  • MESA (Mechanical Engineers Student Association): Here, MESA conducts multiple events on department level including curricular and extra-curricular things. ; etc.

I participated in above activities since 2019. During M-Pulse, I was in team MECHVERSE that held various innovative activities (technical and non-technical). I must say it was the best experience of my life. I got to learn so many different and new things. MESA was my first step in extra-curricular activities. It has proved most helpful for me until now. Me and team also won first prize at SPANDAN 2020. When one gets to participate in MCOE activities, knowledge of that person goes on increasing.


Mechanical Department

I was a member of MESA (Mechanical Engineers Student Association) in 2018 and was CO-General Secretary of MESA in 2019.Both technical and Nontechnical events are conducted under MESA.I must say it is a very good experience working in this team which teach us team work, management and also gives us good career guidance. Other events like Spandan, NSS and M-Pulse are conducted which are also giving good opportunity for the students to shape their career and also let them enjoy their college life.


Mechanical Department

I am an active member of MESA and NSS volunteer as well. Also I've worked for m- pulse, a technical fest for everyone. All these platforms helped me in my overall development to a great extent and most ossum experiences of my college life MESA indulged me in extra curricular activities held in the college which boosted up my confidence. While as a NSS volunteer I was a part of the yearly winter camp which was the best experience in my college years. The camp helped me in improving my teamwork and management skills with satisfaction of doing the social services. Overall all the curricular and extra curricular activities has made me a better person with enhanced skills

Yashodhan Deshmukh

(Second Year-AI & DS)

The Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI&DS) department is absolutely amazing, the faculty are always keen to help! They have taken measures so that we understand the concepts much clearly. They encourage us to participate in various technical and nontechnical fests such as Spandan, Mpulse which I took part in, also encourage students to actively participate in it. Department has provided extra sessions to clear the doubts to help with the mistakes and problems I faced, learning environment that has been created by our faculty members has helped me in my studies.

Tanaya Harley

(Second Year-AI & DS)

Artificial Intelligence and Data sciences is at top of many lists of the most important skills in today’s job market. Our Professors encourage us to take part in technical and non- technical events. I would like to thank them for friendly cooperation and they always keeping us motivated.

Riya Dilip Jagtap

(Second Year-AI & ML)

I am from AI&ML Engineering branch. This branch is introduced in the academic year 2020-2021 and we all are very excited to learn more about AI& ML further. All the teachers are very co-operative and always try to give more about the subjects. They help students to create clear educational and career paths. We are getting many more opportunities for career as well as personality development. There is strong connection between students and staff members.

Sandesh Pansare

(Second Year-AI & ML)

This is my second year in AI&ML Department and I am very glad to be the part of it.Artificial intelligence has been recognized as the future. In future it will be as a source of solutions to every other needs. Like how the robotics has become a useful in every other industries-Medical, infrastructure and IT sector. For that way SPPU has introduced an AI&ML course, which has been very helpful to every student who has enrolled in it. It is a great experience studying here!