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Rules & Regulations

Eligibility & Registration

  • All pre placement offers extended to any student have to be routed through the placement cell.
  • Eligibility of percentage criteria is 55 % and throughout only can register on the placement registration link.
  • If no criteria companies comes for placement, all students will be notified accordingly.
  • The role of the Training and Placement Cell is of a facilitator and councilor for placement related activities. Training and Placement cell does not guarantee a job.
  • The placement facility is available to all the students registered with Training & Placement Cell through ONE JOB TO ONE STUDENT AT THE FIRST INSTANCE.
  • College uniform is mandatory for students to be present in the Campus Recruitment Programme, failing which students will not be allowed to seat for campus interview.
  • College uniform is mandatory for students to be present in the Campus Recruitment Programme, failing which students will not be allowed to seat for campus interview.
  • Students must keep their Identity Card (RFID) with them at the time of PPT/Test/Group Discussion/ Interviews, and produce the same when demanded by the visiting team or their representatives
  • For pre-placements talks (PPT) students should be present at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time at the venue & be seated. Delay in reporting will disqualify the student from recruitment process. Students should be punctual & once the HR People/Company representative enters the venue all doors will be closed and NO ENTRY to the students.
  • Canvassing with the Company Personnel will disqualify the candidature of the student. If students face any difficulty please report to your T&P coordinator, Dept. Faculty advisor & T&P Officer.
  • Any student who has already received a PPO must inform the Placement office of the same as soon as possible.
  • If the student does not accept the offer, the company would be notified (before the first day of placements) of the same.
  • For any queries students should contact the T&P cell only. Students should not contact the industry people directly.
  • Registration for Campus Recruitment will be done by the respective T&P, only and the students should not submit their soft CV directly to the T&P Cell. The soft CV’s should come through the respective T&P departmental coordinators only.
  • For any queries/problems, the students should first discuss with their own departmental coordinators and then deliberate the same with the T&P cell if necessary.

Student Should Strictly Follow This

  • A nice ambience should be maintained by the students during the Placements/Recruitment Programme. Any behavior bringing disgrace to the Institute will not be tolerated and strict action will be taken against such students. Students should follow professional etiquettes. If found guilty such students will be disqualified from further placement activity.
  • Any breach of these rules shall lead to the student getting debarred from the placement process. Any student found to have secured a pre placement offer and not informed the placement cell of the same will be debarred from the placement process and the company will be notified of the same.
  • During the Campus Recruitment Programme, a student who opts for the written test should mandatorily appear for the GD/PI also, failing which he will be debarred from the Campus Recruitment Programme for all other subsequent companies. Casual approach of students will not be tolerated.
  • Those students, who do not wish to participate for any recruitment process, must inform the T&P office in advance, so as to give opportunity to the other students.

All companies which take students for summer internships will be asked in advance about any Pre Placement Offers they have extended. The student will be given a choice to accept or reject the offer till one day before the start of the placement season. In cases the student accepts it; the PPO would be treated equivalent to securing a job through the placement cell.

If market situation and Job scenario necessitates a revision in the Placement Policy, it will be done in a manner so as to maximize the benefit to the student community as a whole.